2 FREE online courses from different trusted sources

2 FREE online courses from different trusted sources


Here is information on two completely different online courses you can take FREE of charge from two distinctly different sources that I trust.


(1) “Overcome Your Obstacles: A 4-Part Program to Creating the Life You Want to Live”
Sounds True is partnering with the Chopra Center for Wellbeing to offer this free online program.

  • The Chopra Center for Wellbeing has brought many, many wonderful programs to the world for many years. Deepak Chopra has remained one of my favorite authors and lecturers for a very long time. If not for his kind, loving philosophy, the road to enlightenment for many would be a much longer, rougher path.


About the course: “This four-part online program is designed to help you break down the challenges in your life, see your problems with greater awareness, and blast past fears, obstacles, and anything standing in your way to living life to your highest potential.”


(2) “How to Write an EBook” video course online from the American School of Hypnosis

  • The American School of Hypnosis was responsible for the learning materials in the very first hypnosis course I ever took. It was taught by our local hypnosis instructor and then principal of Lifestyle Pathways, Sharon Coody. I still use the huge book of hypnosis scripts supplied with the course, and I have purchased other great books from American School of Hypnosis over the years.

About the course: “Have you been wanting to write an EBook? Maybe as a give-away to start accumulating viewers, to be the authority in your hypnosis niche or maybe just to make a bunch of ongoing cash? This course is the right starting place. You’ll learn many ways to get started and many types of books to give you a choice that fits your needs.”