Be the Peace. SUNDAY, September 21st ~ International Day of Peace

SUNDAY, September 21st ~ International Day of Peace

12 Noon Central Time (10 AM Pacific):
11 Days of Global Unity: PEACE Teleseminar with Philip Hellmich & Dot Maver & Ambassador John W. McDonald & Deborah Moldow & Monica Willard
(45 minutes) Join the Webcast to listen to the live call!

2 PM Central Time (12 noon Pacific):
International Day of Peace – Global Synchronized Meditation
U N I F Y with the entire planet for a Global Synchronized Moment of World Peace. Join us for this moment wherever you are and tune in to a live broadcast meditationBeThePeace invites people from every culture, every spiritual tradition, and every political perspective to join Together as One. Together, we are creating a world where inner & outer peace is the normal way of life. Together, we are creating history.

Be the Peace

Be the Peace