Special FREE Web Event! Build an enlightened business!

If you’re like me, you got into business not just to make a living but also to create something that truly helps change the world.

And, the good news is, you’re not alone. There are many thousands of us out there, and we’re all pioneering a new model for how to do business with heart and soul –– that also delivers profitable results.

That’s why I’m excited to share a special free virtual event with you on Wednesday, December 3, with the founder of The Shift Network, Stephen Dinan. He’s created a rockin’ mid-7-figure enlightened business in just five years, with a level of integrity that I deeply respect.

And not only that, he’s created four Enlightened Business Summits where more than 80 of the pioneers of this work have shared their best insights, strategies and tips for growing an authentically enlightened business.

And more good news — next week, Stephen will be sharing some of the most important keys he’s distilled from working closely with so many enlightened business owners over the years and, of course, from building his own business. I cannot stress how important it is that every conscious entrepreneur knows what Stephen is going to share!

The event: The 6 Foundations for Building a Sacred Business: Discover What Every Conscious Entrepreneur Needs to Know is FREE to attend, but you must register HERE in order to receive access.

6 Foundations for Building a Sacred Business

During the session, he’ll also be sharing about the launch in 2015 of the The Sacred Startup Program, a kind of “mini-MBA” for enlightened entrepreneurs, featuring many top teachers sharing their best stuff.

I’m excited for the opportunity for all of us to go to the next level of our businesses. After all, if we can show that we CAN create successful, powerful, profitable businesses that have heart and soul and sterling integrity — as well as allow us to live in balance — it really will change the world. Who isn’t going to want to create one themselves when they see us do it?

So check out the call with Stephen, and even if you can’t make it, do sign up so that when they go live with the The Sacred Startup Program you’ll get the full scoop.

Register HERE for The 6 Foundations for Building a Sacred Business: Discover What Every Conscious Entrepreneur Needs to Know.

6 Foundations for Building a Sacred Business