Blessing for today ~ Listen to Your Intuition


Blessing for today ~ Listen to Your Intuition

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. ~ Rumi

The best test I know for intuition is the, “Are you sure?” test. Whenever I decide I want to do something, the most advantageous question a friend can ask is, “Are you sure?” That is the defining moment when I know that either I am not sure or I am absolutely sure. That absolute certainty is my intuition coming to the forefront to answer the question for me. When I find myself questioning the truth or wisdom of something, I play the “Are you sure?” game with myself. I simply ask myself, sometimes aloud, “Are you sure?” Allowing myself that space of anticipation, that pregnant pause, opens my heart, mind and soul to the greater wisdom of inner intelligence, intuition. It is such a joy when my swift response is, “Oh, yes, I’m sure! And furthermore, …”

What will your intuition tell you today?

HERE is more about the book, “First Intelligence” (Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition), by Simone Wright.


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