CD Spotlight: Dreaming with Purpose

CD Spotlight: Dreaming with Purpose

Dreaming with Purpose

Imagine being able to tap into your subconscious mind while you sleep to unlock your potential for creativity and resourcefulness to improve your life!

Dreaming with Purpose is a tool to inspire you to tap into your inner creativity, resourcefulness, ingenuity and imagination to solve, resolve, decide, create and achieve whatever you desire.

NurseHealer Store

NurseHealer Store

About the author:
NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller is the author and originator of Divine Purpose Guidework(TM). The DPG program is a personal and professional consciousness-expanding self-discovery system. Mary Catherine is a master hypnotist, spiritual regressionist and spiritual teacher. Classes and meditations are available on NurseHealer Radio.

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NurseHealer Store:

NurseHealer Store


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