NurseHealer Library LOOKBACK: November 2013

LOOKBACK to the November, 2013 NurseHealer Library Spotlight:

Quantum Communication

Quantum Communication”, Documentary by director, David Sereda

This documentary explores how communication works on the quantum level, and how we dialog with the universe to create our reality.

“Quantum Communication explores how to create abundance in our lives by awakening the genius within each of us.”

NurseHealer Library is a way of sharing materials for reading, viewing, listening and spiritual practice.

NurseHealer collects DVDs, books, CDs, cards and educational materials to support classes, workshops, discussions and sharing with others.

NurseHealer Wish List also serves as a suggested reading, viewing and practicing list, and is the resource pool for future library purchases.

NurseHealer Library:

Folloq Nurse-Healer Blog

NurseHealer Library



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