Blessing for today ~ Find Your Voice ~

Find Your Voice

Blessing for today ~ Find Your Voice ~ 

Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs. ~ Stephen Covey

Finding your voice isn’t something you do once, and then it’s done. It is a journey. Finding your voice is not only finding your inspiration, but also discovering the depth and clarity of your inner voice, your authentic self. Our minds may question, wonder and second-guess. They may distract, deride and dismiss. Our minds may persuade us this way or that. Our inner voice of the higher Self will inspire, authenticate and bespeak. Finding our voice is becoming so familiar with the voice of the Soul that we can dialog with clarity and assurance, and then proceed with tenacity. Find your voice daily, and be the inspiration to motivate others to do the same. Encourage and laud those who are finding their voice and increasing their momentum on their journey. Bless and honor the noble feat of soul discovery as we rediscover and reinvent ourselves regularly.

What is your inspiration today?

HERE is Stephen R Covey’s advice on Four Steps to Finding Your Voice.


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