Blessing for today ~ Do the impossible. ~


Blessing for today ~ Do the impossible. ~

Impossible is merely a challenge. Impossible doesn’t exist, unless you believe it does. I’m not saying that you should do everything that falls into your lap. What you feel truly passionate about, what stirs your soul and makes you salivate with desire to make it part of your life … do that! If it were not possible, you would not desire it so deeply in your heart. Find your passion. Then know that it is possible. Impossible is merely a challenge. It is a challenge to adjust your way of thinking. It is a challenge to change your mindset. It is a challenge to open your thoughts to ideas you never thought possible before. It is a challenge to find your way. My daughter and I had a conversation recently about the “impossible”. We both realized that we really do think we can do anything. I said, “can”; not must, not will, not should. We truly believe that anything is possible, if only we have the desire and inner urging to do it. If the aspiration for something touches the deepest sinews of our inner Spirit with a higher calling, and that hunger passes the test of prayer and validation, we can know that it is POSSIBLE. Then the only response is, “I will find a way.” Living in a wheelchair has been a wonderfully freeing experience for me. Yes, that is EXACTLY what I meant to say. I have come to understand, even more than before, what it means to believe and trust that anything is possible. In the beginning my focus was drawn to things I couldn’t do anymore; but quickly I found joy in the experience of finding a way. It sort of became my mantra. A challenge? OK. “I will find a way.” Finding a way is a lifestyle. It involves prayer, trust, belief, and the willingness to open the mind to new concepts and some totally “out-of-the-box” solutions to life’s challenges. Finding a way is seeing yourself as an achiever. It is following the example of one of my heroes, Thomas Edison, who is reported to have “failed” more than 1,000 times when trying to create the light bulb. His response was, “I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.” There is no failure. There are, instead, remarkable opportunities to learn from experience that a particular attempt was NOT the way. That is incredibly valuable information that you were graciously blessed to experience for yourself! Knowing from experience what NOT to do is the surest way to find what TO DO. The more ways you discover are NOT the way, the closer you get to finding THE WAY. Hallelujah! Try the next way!

How will you do the impossible today?

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