Blessing for today ~ Great Love ~

Great Love

Blessing for today ~ Great Love ~

Do small things with great love. ~ Mother Teresa ~

Our lives are filled with many activities that seem small in the scheme of things. Remember when we were taught simple common courtesy? Being courteous is a small thing we can do with great love. Holding the door for someone, or thanking someone for holding the door for you, is a small, simple courteous thing to do that is an expression of love for our fellowman. Saying “please” and “thank you” can also be expressions of great love. The small, simple things we do with conscious awareness of love for another are tiny opportunities to spread love. Simply paying attention when someone is in need is an act of kindness that can be performed with love. If we are not able to build a home for the homeless, we can give something, whether it is of monetary value, something we have to share, or simply our time and attention. A warm cup of coffee or a hot breakfast provided with love can be a welcome treasure when you are hungry. Kindly asking, “May I” before assisting another is a demonstration of love. Kindly wishing someone well who refuses assistance is an exhibition of love as well. Doing small things with great love is simply being fully present in the moment. Whether you follow a list of ideas for spreading random acts of kindness or you follow your heart in each small moment to live a life that is an expression of love for your fellowman, our fellow inhabitants of this planet, and our Mother Earth, be open to opportunities to do small things with great love.

What small things will you do with GREAT LOVE today?

HERE is a short video to “Spread the Love” from the Foundation for a Better Life.


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