Blessing for today ~ The Path ~

The obstacle is the path

Blessing for today ~ The Path ~ 

The obstacle is the path. ~ Zen Proverb ~ 

Do you ever wonder why there are so many obstacles between you and what you want for your life? Sometimes it seems that there are so many obstacles, one after another, that you can scarcely get past one obstacle when another presents itself. Sometimes there is just one huge looming obstacle that you can’t see past. I chose this photograph to represent the quotation because it really speaks to my heart of what it is truly like to follow a path. Often when I refer to “my path” I am speaking of my Divine Purpose or Chosen Destiny. My path is the journey I came here to navigate. When I look at this photo, I imagine what it must have looked like from the back side of that boulder. When we commence to overtake that huge obstacle that we can’t see past, it is entirely a leap of faith. With trust and wit, not to mention some serious muscle, the obstacle is eventually beneath our feet. And looking at the world from atop the obstacle is a spectacular view. Whatever your obstacle may be, when you are ready, get on top of it! Imagine how different your path will appear from a higher, clearer perspective!

What obstacle is in your path today?

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