Blessing for today ~ The Gift ~

Life is a Gift

Blessing for today ~ The Gift ~ 

Life is a gift, and I try to respond with grace and courtesy. ~ Maya Angelou ~

Every day that we are alive, we are experiencing a miraculous gift. When we see life from that perspective, we are richly blessed. As we observe others, we feel moved that they, too, are blessed with the gift of life. We see them as a gift to the world. Each life is a gift. Contemplating the gift of life in nature, we see the birds who teach us the wonder of flight. We notice the squirrels who demonstrate how to store up reserves for the protection of life in sparse times. We feel the soft lush fur of a kitten brimming with the joy of life, and we relish that playful spirit. Never are we more aware of the gift of life than when we hold a precious baby in our arms. That sweet glow of innocence is truly a gift shared graciously. Life is a gift: each moment, each experience, each interaction is a gift. When you see only the surface, unwrap the gift in your heart to know the elegant perfection of Divine presence that flows through all creation.

How will you receive and share your gift today? 

HERE is The Meaning of Life by William Blank. It’s a nice little book you can read online for FREE.


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