Freebie Friday ~ Blessings of Consecration FREE eBook ~

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Freebie Friday ~ Blessings of Consecration FREE eBook ~ 

Blessings of Consecration FREE eBook

Blessings of Consecration for ceremonies and rituals to heal, inspire and uplift. Adjust wording to fit your customs and beliefs. These blessings are presented by NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller, ordained ministertranspersonal hypnotist and author and originator of Divine Purpose Guidework(TM).

Read the eBook online (or download the eBook using the down arrow at the bottom of the eBook page).

This booklet includes:

  • Blessing Ceremony
  • Holy Water Anointing and Blessing Spray
  • Candle Lighting Blessing
  • Consecrating Sacred Objects
  • House Blessing Ceremony
  • Dedicating a Building
  • Anointing the Sick
  • Blessing Animals
  • Expectant Mother Blessing
  • Family Blessing
  • Blessing Your Writing instrument
  • Blessing Your Sacred Contract
  • Blessing for Divine Communication
  • Thanksgiving Ritual


Mary Catherine Miller

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