Blessing for today ~ Speak from the Heart ~

Speak from the Heart

Blessing for today ~ Speak from the Heart ~ 

People hear you on the level you speak to them from. Speak from your heart, and they will hear from theirs. ~ Marianne Williamson ~

Many times in groups and private sessions I have wondered how I would get across the ideas that I felt impressed to share. I found, time and time again, that when I cleared my mind and let Spirit speak through my heart, that I didn’t have to know the words to speak in advance. The words would flow in a river of pure love from my heart to theirs, and they were welcomed with kindness and understanding, even when the message was an admonition. It is always advisable to open a parley with a brief invocation of quietness, contemplation, meditation, or whatever observance is appropriate, to bring all souls into alignment and centeredness. With all hearts attuned to the same rhythm, words are more clearly understood. The need for words lessens as the profundity of oneness deepens. My sister has always said, “You can say ANYTHING to ANYONE, if you say it with a smile.” She has demonstrated that many times by saying things that might be considered harsh rebukes at times, but said with a sweetness and a smile. These words, spoken from the heart, were amazingly received with softness and tenderness. Whether you are speaking in a conference or talking to a neighbor, as you speak from your heart, your words flow freely into an open heart. First take a moment to center, ground, open the channels to Spirit, and establish rapport, then speak your heart.

What will you speak from your heart today?

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