Blessing for today ~ Sacredness


Blessing for today ~ Sacredness

In the sunlight of awareness, everything becomes sacred. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

I speak a lot about awareness, and about sacred space. Our awareness expands as we become more fully present in the moment. When we still our minds and open our hearts to the blissful flow of Creation, we see more clearly the sacredness of all that is. A drink of water is no longer just a beverage. It is a sacrament, a partaking of Divine nature through the life-force of our Earthly home. Walking beneath a tree is no longer just a stroll. It is a moving conversation with Spirit in the architecture of celestial communication through the excellence of nature. Setting your pen to paper is the sacred expression of your soul. Sitting in the presence of another for the purpose of conversation is a companionship through the light of souls. Inner guidance is an angelic intervention. Living in the sacredness of life brings reverence and peaceful bliss to every experience.

What sacredness will be in your awareness today?

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Blessing for Today