Blessing for today ~ The Light ~

The Light

Blessing for today ~ The Light ~ 

Everything looks different in the light. ~ Alan Cohen

I was one of those kids who grew up afraid of the dark. Of course, one contributing factor could have been an older sibling who liked to scare the begeezus out of me. If there was just one shaft of light from a door left ajar, the room wasn’t dark. I felt much better with a little light shining in. The more light there was, the better I felt. With every lighter hue to my surroundings, an object that appeared sinister in the darkness was redeemed to something more propitious. The flashlight was the greatest gadget ever invented. Anything that appeared ominous or malevolent in the dark could be transformed in the light. Discovering wonders by shining the light on ominous phenomena became a satisfying, and often amusing adventure.  And so it is with most of the things that frighten us. Once we shine the light of truth and love on them, we see the beast transformed. The dragon in the darkness becomes a dragonfly in the light. Whatever fear is looming in the darkness, shine your inner light upon it. Welcome the celestial light of angelic love flowing through your heart to dissolve the fear into faith, trust, courage and love. Everything looks different in the light.

Where will you shine the light today?

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