Blessing for today ~ Love Giving ~

Love Giving

Blessing for today ~ Love Giving ~

It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving. ~ Mother Teresa ~ 

Whether you read today’s blessing as “LOVE giving” or “love GIVING“, you are correct! Yes, we do love giving love! That’s the thing about love. When you give love away, you have more love. And when you love giving, you give love. There is a lot of focus on giving during the holiday season. We are blessed to remember that giving is really not about the gift. It is about the giving. Giving of your thoughts, your time, your energy, and, most of all, your love are what giving truly is. How much love we put into giving is the real gift, to others, and to ourselves. Give yourself a gift. Try giving love away.

How much love will you put into giving today?

HERE is a wonderful article, Love Is for Giving, translated into English, Spanish, Polish and French, and a FREE download of the full eBook, Living from the Heart, by Nirmala.


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