Blessing for today ~ Golden Truth ~

Golden Truth

Blessing for today ~ Golden Truth ~

Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. ~ Leo Tolstoy ~ 

I began teaching about finding truth many years ago. In fact, I guess I have been teaching that same lesson since I was born. Whether you are seeking wisdom, inner clarity, understanding the paranormal, grasping spirituality or finding yourself, the application is the same. Start with the massive amount of evidentiary findings, supposition and logic at your disposal. It is possible that the truth is in there somewhere. Then, piece-by-piece, examine every detail, and eliminate those parts that you find are not the truth. Continue this methodology until all that is left is truth.

For many years, the image below was prominent on This brief statement was the mantra I lived by in regard to truth. It still is.


Truth us not contingent upon one’s belief in it, altered by the words one chooses to describe it, or wounded if neglected. It is simply truth.

The greatest influences on my life have always been science and spirituality. I never saw them in opposition to one another growing up, and I have no conflict in regard to them today. I find that what is true is true. If it is a spiritual principle that is sound, it will be proven out with science. And, of course, the reverse is true as well.

Your personal truth is the most important truth for you in this life. Your truth is who you really are as your authentic genuine nature. Your truth resides in the depths of your soul and the sinews of your heart. Your truth is why you are here on this planet at this time under these circumstances. Your truth is that subtle inner voice that guides you through life’s challenges and stirs your soul in moments of bliss. Your truth never leaves you. You may choose to ignore it, but it is your “forever friend”. Embrace your truth. Find that golden truth that remains when all else is washed away.

What will be your gold today?

HERE is a book on Embracing Your Truth (Asking the Questions That Set You FREE), by Joanna Ashley.


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