Blessing for today ~ Believe ~


Blessing for today ~ Believe ~ 

Believe you can and you’re halfway there. ~ Theodore Roosevelt ~ 

How do you reach the stars? Believe. Visualize. Dream. Imagine. Pretend. Act as if you were already there. When we feel as though we are living our dreams, our dreams find us. Do what ever it takes to make your dream real for you. Write about it. Diagram it. Draw, paint or sculpt it. Put yourself in the picture. Then act out the scene, again and again. Prepare for it. What will it take for you to be prepared for your dream? If it is education, start studying. If it is a new wardrobe, start gathering new articles of clothing. If it is learning the language, start learning, and be around people who speak it. Read, watch, and listen to anything positive that makes it real for you. Change your dialogue. Instead of saying, I want to, stop wanting. Say I am. Instead of saying, I hope. Stop hoping. Say I am becoming. You can’t move from A to Z if you only see yourself at A. Move to the next step in the direction of Z. As that becomes more comfortable, move to the next. And remember that you are no longer at A once you move forward. Stop seeing yourself there. Adorn yourself with the accouterment of the successful victor of your dreams. If it has been written on your heart, believe it, and you truly are halfway there.

What will you believe today?

HERE is Tiny Wisdom: Believe in What You Can Do, by Lori Deschene.


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