Blessing for today ~ Leap of Faith ~

Leap of Faith

Blessing for today ~ Leap of Faith ~ 

A leap of faith is not a blind leap. It is a leap with trust and knowing from within. When Spirit guides us from within and inspires us to launch in a new direction, into the unknown to us, validation through contemplation, prayer and meditation is the next step. The step after that is preparation. When we are prepared, and what is necessary is prepared, and we feel the prompting of Spirit to step out and take that leap, we can be assured that the unseen net is present. Believe and trust in yourself, in Spirit, in the angels at work on your behalf and on behalf of what is to come. When we are called, the answer is, “I am ready.” That is the answer because if it were not true, we would not be called.

Will you be prepared to take a leap if called today?

HERE are some helpful tips on Taking the Leap from Idea to Business from Chantilly Patino, a working class person turned entrepreneur.


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Blessing for Today