Blessing for today ~ Dance! ~


Blessing for today ~ Dance! ~

Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances. ~ Maya Angelou ~

Dance is rhythm. I have never been more certain of this than by observing my granddaughter find her own rhythm to the beat of music. No one taught her to dance, but she danced before she could stand. It is a dance of pure joy as she aligns herself to a beat. This is our nature, to attune our movement to that of a rhythmic pulse. The perfect tempo of a healthy heart is a pattern of well-being. The rhythm of nature is the ideal model of wholeness, of holistic integrated wellbeing, of oneness with nature and with Divine purpose. Align yourself with nature, and with your authentic nature. Dance!

How will you find your rhythm to dance today?

HERE is an article on Attuning to Nature’s Rhythm by Lovely Linda.


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