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You may have noticed that I missed the Freebie Friday post yesterday. OK, perhaps that’s not the BEST way to start the New Year. LOL! I didn’t get finished with the freebie I was preparing. Let not a week go by without a Freebie Friday, er Saturday!

HERE are a multitude of FREE online classes in my archive. Most have the audio mini version of the class and links to lots of resources. Enjoy!

And …

As long as we are talking about the New Year, I will share with you a few of the future plans that I have been working on.

2015 Classes ~ Webinars:

Instead of monthly local classes and radio broadcasts of mini classes, I am preparing to offer Webinars with slides, audio, video and downloads. Webinars offer the opportunity for the best of every tool available for workshops. I have been experimenting with various different platforms, and I have selected one that meets all my needs and yours extremely well. There is still much preparation involved to present quality presentations with valuable content. An announcement is forthcoming, so be sure to follow the blog to be the first to know about Webinar announcements.

2015 Radio ~ NurseHealer Radio Station:

NurseHealer Radio is preparing to open up an amazing new format! I am sure that you are tired of hearing my old BlogTalk Radio shows running randomly on my radio station. Good News! That is all about to change. NurseHealer Radio is preparing to run a full program schedule with numerous hosts broadcasting regular weekly programs on topics like spiritual development, psychic senses, energy healing, intuitive and spiritual guidance, and LOTS more! The very popular Metaphysical Metro weekly program will be making a return with a new host as well. NurseHealer Radio already has an iPhone/iPad App running. If there is sufficient interest, an Android App will be added as well. Follow the blog for announcements for listeners and program hosts.

2015 Divine Purpose Guidework(TM) Programs:

The Divine Purpose Guidework book will be available on Amazon soon. A limited number of private sessions will be available, and programs related to Divine Purpose Guidework will be available. These programs will include personal growth and coaching, group sessions, apprenticeships and a practitioner program. As each program rolls out, announcements will be made on the Nurse-Healer Blog.

Well, there you have it! This is what I have spent 2014 preparing to bring forth in 2015, and I am delighted to behold it’s imminent inception!

I can hardly wait to hear your plans for 2015! Best wishes!

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