Blessing for today ~ Thirst for Knowledge ~

Thirst for Knowledge

Blessing for today ~ Thirst for Knowledge ~

I have always thirsted for knowledge. I have always been full of questions. ~ Herman Hesse ~

I was THAT kid. Mom would tell me some bit of information. It could be anything. I asked, “Why”? She gave an interesting answer. I asked, “Why”? There was never an end to that conversation. There couldn’t be. There is always another, “Why”? I had to accept that there would be inevitably a time to continue later or a challenge to find out for myself. That’s the demand of a thirst for knowledge. I love the balance of this quotation. One who THIRSTS for knowledge is, at the same time, FULL of questions. That balance always persists. When a question is answered, a thirst is quenched. When a thirst is quenched, a new question arises. The thirst for knowledge is a boundless pool of Yin and Yang that feeds the mind, and, in doing so, feeds the heart with passion and desire, and the soul with fire and tranquility.

Where will your thirst for knowledge take you today?

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Blessing for Today