Blessing for today ~ Rights ~


Blessing for today ~ Rights ~

The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.

~ John F Kennedy ~

We are all born of the same cosmic dust and spiritual source. An eternal soul is the authentic personage of every person ever born. When we meditate, contemplate or pray, we channel through the fabric of the network of light connecting all souls. Every soul is a light unto itself, shining for others, and a glimmer of Divine Source. The love that fills our hearts for those we care about and for that which we have a fondness is an echo of universal love for all. The deeper we connect to the Divine, the greater love we have for our fellow man. It is impossible to fully love or be loved without having an abiding affection for all our brothers and sisters of mankind. When we stand by another and uphold their rights and dignity, no matter how anyone else may view them, we uphold the same for all. And the reverse is true. An indignity against one is a discrimination, an abuse, against all. Much injustice is done in the name of righteousness. Righteousness is another word for fairness. Injustice and fairness are at opposite ends of the spectrum. One cannot be reasonably mistaken for the other.  Much unfair treatment is said to be done for the purpose of sanctity. Sanctity refers to something sacred. Something truly sacred is regarded in reverence and secured against violation. Sacredness belongs to no one. One sacred thing can never be in opposition to another. Sacredness is beyond boundaries. What is truly sacred is genuinely, universally hallowed, solemn and blessed. There is no intolerance in sacredness; no dogmatism. Sacredness is the unconditional love that is freely given to all. Threat to anyone’s rights as a human being is a threat to all. One cannot take another’s rights without surrendering their own. In building a wall against another, we imprison ourselves. Every soul is a being of light. Let your light shine to glory of all.


How will you uphold rights today?

HERE is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


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