Blessing for today ~ Real Imagination ~

Real Imagination

Blessing for today ~ Real Imagination ~

Everything you can imagine is real. ~ Pablo Picasso ~ 

What makes something real? Is it real because you can measure it? What about joy, love, hope, or faith? They are real, but there is no uniformly recognized unit of measure for them. If you dream an amazing story, and then write it, isn’t it real? If you envision something beautiful, and paint it, isn’t it real? Whether you duplicate it or not, isn’t what you think real? Perhaps you cannot measure the thought itself, but you can measure the electrical energy that created it. We’ve heard the catch phrases, “Thoughts are things” or “thoughts are real”. One way of speaking of our goals is to say that the idea of the goal, thought through and imagined vividly is the blueprint for it to exist in reality. If you have already warmed up to that belief, then you are ready to take it a step further. That thought in your imagination is real. That’s why those who believe in their goals so strongly that they feel as if they are already can be so successful in manifesting their desires. What you imagine is already real. If you live in that reality, it becomes manifest in the reality of others as well.

What will you imagine today?

HERE is help for Manifesting Your Dreams.


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