Blessing for today ~ A Good Book ~


Blessing for today ~ A Good Book ~

A room without books is like a body without a soul. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero ~

We were fascinated when my grand-baby entered this world with a love for books and written words. Since she could notice anything she has been captivated by words. Long before she was big enough for books she couldn’t take her eye off them. It is inspiring to see such a love for books. I do enjoy having quick access to the written word electronically, but if I really love a book, I get the paper copy as well as the electronic version. There is something magical about holding a book in your hands, carrying it around with you and knowing it is at your side. It is as if the energy of the words within it energize you as well. I cannot imagine living in a room without books. May you be blessed with many good books in your life.

What will you read today?

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