NurseHealer Network

We are excited to announce that NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller recently acquired the domain to add to the group.

NurseHealer Network has plans for expansion in three areas:

Community of Souls

The Community of Souls, also accessible through, is a group designed to build a connected group of souls to work together to help others, to share uplifting thoughts, and to impart peace, joy and love harmoniously. Currently it is available as a FaceBook Group with plans for expansion to a full database of resources for the global community.

Soulful Wellbeing

Soulful Well-Being is the working title of a book in progress about many modalities for holistic health, spiritual growth and personal empowerment. Interviews are being planned with practitioners of many healing and well-being practices to bring you the cleverest, most practical methods for your personal growth, wellness and expanded consciousness and awareness.

NurseHealer Radio

NurseHealer Radio is an Internet radio station currently streaming programs and classes and meditations online 24/7. Plans for the future of the station involve a complete network of broadcasts by various hosts with a full program schedule of shows on topics related to spirituality, consciousness, holistic topics, positive thinking, metaphysics, meditation, healing, nursing and more! The IOS (iPad/iPhone) App is already in place, and an Android App will soon be available.

Watch the blog for announcements to come!


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