7 Secrets of Dreaming While Awake FREE Online Event with Robert Moss

Join me for 7 Secrets of Dreaming While Awake FREE Online Event with Robert Moss

Robert Moss is teaching the free online event, 7 Secrets of Dreaming While Awake. I hope you will join me! This promises to be a lesson in the power of your imagination that will guide you live a richer, more creative life.

It has been my pleasure to enjoy his instruction on shamanic dreaming practices, not only from some of his insightful books like Active Dreaming, The Way of the Dreamer, and Dream Gates, among many more, but I have also been blessed to participate in his courses, Dreaming the Soul Back Home and Dreaming the Soul into Life, which have deeply expanded my awareness and enriched my life. I could not recommend anyone more highly.

You’ll want to participate in the FREE online event featuring bestselling author and creator of Active Dreaming, Robert Moss, called: The 7 Secrets to Dreaming While Awake: How to Bring Gifts from Other Realities to Your Everyday Life.

This free event airs Wednesday, May 27th and you can register here:


I know that you will find this to be a mind-expanding hour that can open your life to new creative possibilities and fill your world with a sense of authentic magic!

7 Secrets of Dreaming While Awake

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