5 Free Spiritual Journey Resources You Can Enjoy Now!

5 Free Spiritual Journey Resources You Can Enjoy Now!

  1. FREE Love or Above Energetic Breakthrough Kit by Christie Marie Sheldon. This starter pack is designed to help you begin your journey towards a higher state of being. Christie Marie is an Intuitive Healer and Medium who specializes in raising people’s personal vibrations to a level of Love or Above. This kit contains a handpicked selection of her most popular tools, techniques and insights. Learn about raising your vibrations for success and joy. http://www.loveorabove.com/
  2. FREE gorgeous, emotionally rich Flowdream mp3 by Summer McStravick, former Network Producer of HayHouseRadio.com and co-host of many programs. Summer developed the art of Flowdreaming, a technique for manifesting and working with the subtle energies of life. Flowdreaming is a powerful method for manifesting. Summer’s Internet radio show Flowdreaming broadcasts live on Tuesdays on ContactTalkRadio.com, and is syndicated on SpiritQuestRadio.com and AlignRadio.com. It can also be emailed to you weekly, podcasted via iTunes, and listened to as an archived stream. Download podcasts and enjoy the iPhone, iPad and Droid apps. http://www.flowdreaming.com/
  3. 9 Free Lessons In Reawakening Your Psychic Ability by Sonia Choquette, a globally celebrated and dynamic spiritual teacher. She is known as the world’s foremost expert on the subject of human intuition. Sonia is the author of a number of international bestselling books on intuitive awakening, personal growth, creativity, and transformational leadership. You will discover how to tune in to a power that gives you complete control of everything in your life. http://www.positiveintuition.com/
  4. FREE online class, 7 Secrets of Dreaming While Awake, taught by Robert Moss, bestselling author and the creator of Active Dreaming, a process that gives you access to your authentic “heart wisdom” direct from your Dreamtime. The subtitle for this class is, How to Bring Gifts from Other Realities to Your Everyday Life. The class airs Wednesday, May 27th. Register HEREhttps://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/7s/nursehealer/
  5. FREE healing guided meditation by Jennifer Farmer, a psychic intuitive who offers spiritual guidance, Spirit communication and guided meditations. For a limited time, sign up for the newsletter to receive a FREE healing guided meditation MP3. Enjoy a series of insightful online videos on meditation and developing intuition. Jennifer offers monthly tele-classes to assist you in your own spiritual journey. Check the Web site and calendar for upcoming events, and don’t miss these: (1) June 3 , 2015 Awaken to God Free Tele-Class Group Meditation and (2) July 1, 2015 Lets talk to the Spirit World Free Tele-Class http://www.jenniferfarmer.com/

5 Free Spiritual Journey Resources You Can Enjoy Now!

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