Free Event: Shamanic Dreaming in the Iroquois Tradition with Robert Moss

Shamanic Dreaming in the Iroquois Tradition

Shamanic Dreaming

A Free Virtual Event with Shamanic Dream Teacher, Robert Moss
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
7:30 Central (5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern)

I have enjoyed online events with Robert Moss immensely! I recommend this free event highly. You will be glad you attended. You’ll go away with more than you expected.

Would you like to learn to use your dream time to access levels of wisdom that are simply not available through other means? If so, attend a free online event with Robert Moss, the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of modern dreamwork and shamanism, in which you’ll learn how the dream lineage of the Iroquois can transform your modern life.
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For the Iroquois, dreaming is about human survival as it can show us what is happening up ahead. If you see a future event you don’t like, you can take action to avoid that possible future. Shamanic dream practices can also open the portals to what Robert calls the “voice of the heart”, which supports you to live from your deeper life purpose and manifest your best and bravest desires. This heart center is where you find courage to face life’s challenges, move beyond self-limiting beliefs and take the creative leap that can fill our world with magic and healing.

Register below if you’re ready to engage dreaming as a way of direct experience to other realms that can help you to hear the voice of the heart, find the best pathway forward, and manifest the deepest dreams of your soul.

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Have you suspected that far more is possible than passively waiting for (and barely remembering) your dreams? Around the world, shamans have pioneered a more powerful, valuable and fascinating way to approach dreaming — seeing it as a time for transformation, healing and receiving guidance from higher levels of reality as well as journeying into the past and future. In this free online event, you’ll get a unique opportunity to hear about a little-known lineage of shamanic dream practice from the Iroquois people that will challenge your very understanding of reality.

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Shamanic Dreaming

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