Connecting to Source… A Reminder for Us All

Eight years ago I left myself a message on a blog that I am delighted to rediscover today. Here is something I am honored to share with you. Bless you.

Connecting to Source

Generally when angels/spirits speak to me I don’t just hear them with my outer ears. It is more of a knowing in the mind. I “hear” them as if I’m hearing my own thoughts. It’s like I hear myself saying words in my mind; but I am aware that I didn’t just think up the words on my own. I often describe the experience as similar to how we read for meaning (but reading silently), taking the time to hear ourselves sounding out the words in our minds. When we read slowly in this way, trying to capture the meaning of a passage or the gist of a set of instructions, it is as if we can “hear” our thoughts.

Messages from the spirit world most often come to me in this way. Communication is quite simple. I ask a thought in my mind in this “reading for meaning” way, and the answer is heard in words in my mind in the same way; but I didn’t think it up on my own. This type of communication can be done with plants, animals, rocks, and even the self. We can ask ourselves what we need to know and tap into our inner being to receive the answer. We can tap into the source of consciousness that we are all a part of.

We are not simply beings apart from the world who are running around on the face of the earth with no connection to anything or anyone. Our physical bodies are separate from one another; but we are more than the sum of our parts. We are spiritual beings inhabiting these vessels we call bodies. Our spiritual nature is not disconnected from everything else the way our physical bodies are.

Our spirits can transcend our physical bodies. Our spirits can expand to connect with other spirit bodies. Think of the spirit as something between a gas and gel, just for visualization purposes. (This is not a scientific characteristic of the spirit.) As we expand our spirit selves to connect with other spirit selves, we can experience the other similar to the way that a gas, being heavier than oxygen, can move in a path along the floor to fill a room; but still be separate from the oxygen above it. The gas envelops all around it and still remains what it was to begin with. Unlike a gas, though, no matter how far out our spirits expand, they do not become less dense. They do not dissipate. They can readily draw back into the shell of the human body with all their intelligence intact. More like a gel, the spirit can mingle with other spirits without fear of losing any part of itself. There’s just no literal analogy that I can think of that would illustrate this principle well.

As one expands the spirit, one can experience the spiritual nature of anything. Yes, anything. It is as if a part of you becomes whatever it is that you are experiencing. This is because we are a part of everything we see around us. We are not disconnected from our world. A part of me is the grass outside my door. A part of me is the sunrise. A part of me is the desk on which I work. A part of me is the birds in the cage in my window. A part of me is my neighbor. Understanding this gives us a clearer comprehension of how we fit into this world, this life, and this plan. It is no accident that we are alive today.

This is the plan. We chose this life. We are a part of this world, this galaxy, this universe, this time, this place, this experience. We are this experience. We are this life. We are this universe. People get so concerned about how to “develop their psychic skills” when all that is really necessary is to simply quiet the mind and allow the inner self to acknowledge what it knows.

I find myself telling people all the time, “You already know this.” I even tell myself this. We already know what we need to know. We already have the answers we are seeking. But we doubt, worry, and fear. We think that knowledge and wisdom are hard to get. We believe that we are incapable of greatness. Bunk! We are greatness. Each of us. This is not hooplah to feed the ego. The ego doesn’t serve us well.

To understand this, we set aside the ego and allow ourselves to acknowledge that part of us that is a part of our children, our parents, our loved ones, our neighbors, our coworkers, our friends. We acknowledge that part of us that is part of the madman who cut us off in traffic, the letter carrier bringing our mail, the clerk behind the counter, and the stranger passing us on the street. We acknowledge that part of us that is part of the divinity that created us.

We embrace our divine nature as we allow ourselves to consider that we are more than the sum of our physical makeup. We are part of a greater whole. I am you and you are me; so I love you when I love me, and I can love me because I am part of the creation and the creator. There is a connectedness in me that is in everyone who lives today, who ever has lived, and whoever shall live. This connectedness transcends all boundaries. It is not bound by place or time. It is not bound by will or desire. It is not bound by human constraints.

We are connected whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not. Refusing to accept the connectedness only serves to create conflict within us. Isolating ourselves from the connectedness simply creates chaos, confusion, and loneliness. Disconnectedness allows negative feelings to fill our vessels.

As we allow ourselves to move beyond our self-imposed boundaries and to connect to that which is beyond our physical vessel, we feel more at peace, more whole, more fulfilled. We needn’t fear this connectedness. It is our true nature. It is what makes us whole.

We can spend our entire lives searching for what will make us feel fulfilled; but all we have to do is allow ourselves to be what we truly are. As we allow ourselves to be our spiritual natures, to experience what is within as we connect to what is, that is when we truly know what it is to be. I am that I am. How can we understand that unless we allow ourselves to experience?

Originally Posted July 15, 2007

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