NurseHealer August News ~ Mobile Friendly, New Projects, Freebies… and More!

NurseHealer August News ~ Mobile Friendly, New Projects, Freebies… and More!


People are accessing Web sites from their mobile devices more than on home computers these days. NurseHealer took a look itself and responded with tablet- and smart-phone-friendly Web pages. The major pages of the site have been updated with larger print and bigger buttons that should make it much easier to navigate on your mobile devices.

Button Examples:

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The bad news is that NurseHealer suffered data corruption on the main hard drive where some important files are stored. Efforts are underway to recover the data. In the mean time, …

The good news is there is currently a greater focus on diversity of services, files, downloads, etc. Some of the major projects underway are on hold while data recovery is taking place, and that frees up time and focus to direct energy into some smaller projects that can be completed in a relatively short amount of time. Losing access to critical data has moved us to mindfulness, not only of backup systems, but also of making available those files that once were posted to NurseHealer and are still of interest. Some are being dragged out of the archives and posted almost exactly as they once were, such as the FREE Food Storage Recipes, Recipes for Life! Others are getting pretty much a whole new re-write and being published in a new format, such as the Para/PSI Word of the Day that began about ten years ago as daily postings to a group online. Now it is being published in eBook format with 365 (plus) terms to spark conversation and interest among those involved in these areas. Volume one is published (the first year’s worth of terminology), and Volume Two is in the works.


NurseHealer Network ( has been expanded to include:

  • Community of Souls
  • PSI (Phenomenal Spirit Investigations)
  • NurseHealer Soulistic Radio
  • NurseHealer Video
  • Soulful Wellbeing

Community of Souls is an online spiritual community of entrepreneurs working together to help others, to share uplifting thoughts, and to impart peace, joy and love harmoniously. The Community of Souls Facebook Group is the platform for this spiritually conscious community.

PSI (Phenomenal Spirit Investigations) is a spiritual service format for paranormal investigators who adhere to strict standards of excellence in research, investigation and client-based services. The PSI Manual for Paranormal Investigation, is being prepared as the combined collection of the best tools and practices compiled from a lifetime of research, investigation and teaching. PSI on You Tube is an archive of educational and information videos related to paranormal investigation and research with categorized playlists from many sources.

NurseHealer Soulistic Radio (NSR) is the new name for NurseHealer Radio, with a focus on promoting soulful holistic well-being through conscious awareness.
The format is changing from the old radio station (currently still operating), streaming classes, workshops and meditation from previous shows to a new format. The new format will bring in several new hosts as NSR expands to encompass the new goals. After that transition, NSR’s next step is to operate with a full broadcast schedule of regular hosts from all over the world. This is quite an undertaking, and will require some fresh new staff for the final transition. Your patience is appreciated as these changes are taking place.

NurseHealer Video currently provides free 5 Minute Meditation Videos via YouTube. Plans are being considered to add full-length experiential and educational videos and DVDs. Future Webinars are anticipated, and may be handled through this category as well.

Soulful Wellbeing is a book and community outreach program in the works that addresses many modalities for holistic health, spiritual growth and personal empowerment.

Grab some freebies from NurseHealer!

  • Aromatherapy Measurement Conversions

    Units of measure and equivalents for Practical Aromatherapy. Convert between drops, ml, ounce, and other measures for herbal essential oil blends, oils, powders, and more.

  • Herbal Essential Oil Healing Recipes

    Herbal recipes for making your own healing and cleansing oils, powders, sprays, salts, lotions, sachets and blends.

  • Developing a Personal Mission Statement

    Build a vision or mission statement for your life with these step-by-step instructions. See Classes for the complete class.

  • Feng Shui BaGua for Home

    Know the directions, elements, colors, animals, shapes and suggestions to organize and accessorize your home with a healthy flow of positive energy.

  • Smudging

    Basic smudging techniques, smudge feathers and making your own smudge sprays and mists.

  • Making Smudge Feathers

    Simple bas


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