Para/PSI Word/Phrase of the Day: Pseudoscience

Para/PSI Word/Phrase of the Day:   Pseudoscience – any body of knowledge purporting to be either both factual and scientific, or of an even higher standard of knowledge, but which fails to comply with the usual scientific tests of repeatability, consistency with existing well-established science and experimental result, experimental accessibility, and scientific method.

Para/PSI Word/Phrase of the Day: Pseudoscience

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Para/PSI Word/Phrase of the Day Volume 1

Para/PSI Word/Phrase of the Day

Volume 1

A glossary of 365 terms related to paranormal research/investigation and psionic phenomena

This book Includes:

  • Alphabetical List of Terms,
  • Word of the Day Terms
  • Recommended Reading
  • PLUS: This volume contains 31 BONUS words; a full month of extra vocabulary for your group emails, blogs or messages!

The Word of the Day is designed to spark interest and discussion on many topics related to paranormal phenomena, psi abilities and practices. This brief diverse glossary of terminology serves as a springboard for open discussion and personal objective research into many areas of study. See how many of these terms you can describe. Challenge your group to define them. Discuss different viewpoints in regard to topics. Develop your own Word of the Day lists to expand your vocabulary, knowledge and perception.

The knowledgeable paranormal investigator or psi practitioner should be familiar with the language of the para/psi world. Extensive terminology of much more than your own beliefs or customs, in all areas of research and investigation, is required to be objective and effective in the field.

The better you understand the customs, beliefs and practices of your clients, teammates and colleagues, the more productive, capable and accomplished you will be. The objective, unbiased approach to discovery facilitates evidence-based research, investigation and practice, and creates an atmosphere of rapport between your client and you or your team.

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PSI (Phenomenal Spirit Investigations) is a spiritual service format for paranormal investigators who adhere to strict standards of excellence in research, investigation and client-based services. The PSI Manual for Paranormal Investigation, is being prepared as the combined collection of the best tools and practices compiled from a lifetime of research, investigation and teaching. PSI on You Tube is an archive of educational and information videos related to paranormal investigation and research with categorized playlists from many sources.

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