Soul Thoughts for You – You are Loved

Soul Thought

Soul Thoughts Worth Sharing

 Here are a few Soul Thoughts worth sharing…

Always remember… You are Loved.

You are loved.

“Listen to the wind.

It talks.

Listen to the silence.

It speaks.

Listen to your heart.

It knows.”


Never forget… You are never alone.

You are never alone.

There is much love for you here.


A soul thought is a message of inner guidance. That hunch, inspiration or inner wisdom from your heart is your authentic self guiding you with love through Source energy. Listen to your soul.

Soul Thought Resources from NurseHealer:



“Soul Thought” has become a popular term, and I love it! It first came to my life as an inspired short, simple meditation. You can enjoy the FREE 5-minute Soul Thought Meditation online, or download the words for it as a FREE eBook.

Soul Thought Meditation from NurseHealer ~ Video and eBook

Trust your inner voice in this exercise in pretending to know your soul thoughts. This guided meditation is presented by NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller, transpersonal hypnotist and author and originator of Divine Purpose Guidework(TM)Watch the video and read the eBook online (or download the eBook using the down arrow at the bottom of the eBook page).

Soul Thought Meditation


Soul Thought Meditation

Music by Thaddeus

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