Freebie Friday – Gratitude – Adrienne Dumas’ Gratitude Path 30 Day Gratitude Experiment – Totally Free!

Freebie Friday

It’s Freebie Friday!

Freebie Friday is a chance to get something nice absolutely FREE!

Here are some great gifts I would like to share with you from some nice folks.

Wouldn’t you like weekly gratitude inspirations, a free gratitude healing energy video and more?

Gratitude Experiment

Get Adrienne Dumas’ Gratitude Path 30 Day Gratitude Experiment – totally FREE!

How about a FREE Android App to keep your Gratitude journal.

Attitudes of Gratitude Journal

Download the Attitudes of Gratitude Journal from Google Play.

Jump Start Your Intuition Today!

Jump Start Your Intuition Today!

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 Free Online Training Course from the Institute Of Applied Energetics.

“Open the door to a completely new world, the world of intuition, health and healing with our free online training course. It is an exciting and amazing way of looking at the body, the disease process, and ways in which to restore health. Identifying and clearing an imbalance is something that you can learn to do.”

“You can download your free 50 page home study training course and open the door to your intuition. Whether you are looking to use spiritual healing to improve your life, or to become an energy medicine practitioner, intuitive counselor or medical intuitive, our Jump Start Your Intuition program is will open the door for you. The Jump Start Your Intuition program provides you with a number of hands on techniques used by energy medicine practitioners, intuitive counselors and medical intuitives around the world. Investigate who you are and how you work. Discover how to tap into your intuition. Explore the world of intent and intentions. Find out how to work with psychic tools. You will also learn how to perform an intuitive readings as soon as you walk through the door! So step through the door to a new you and a new bigger and brighter future.”

“Sign up right now and receive this free introductory online training course and get personal insights into what medical intuition, intuitive counseling and energy medicine are all about. Whether you are looking for personal healing, spiritual growth or to become a holistic health professional our Jump Start program will open the door for you as you take your next step.”

Start your free training right away at the Institute Of Applied Energetics!

Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages

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Download the FREE Book, “Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages” by Taylor Marshall, PhD.
This is a quick and easy way to learn the basic philosophy and theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

The Popes of the last 300 years have endorsed St Thomas Aquinas. Learn more through this accessible resource.

Download your FREE book HERE.

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Jennifer Farmer has created a series of FREE videos on meditation and developing intuition.

“Meditation is the most natural way to resolve stress and anxiety. It can help you resolve grief and depression, bringing about healing and spiritual transformation. Meditation has been instrumental in my own growth and healing process. You can learn more about my unique approach to meditation here.”

“Discover your potential and live IN your purpose.”

Jennifer Farmer leads this inspirational information packed podcast.

During this telecast, she covers:

  • The importance of meditation
  • Provides tips in discovering your strengths
  • Techniques for living your life with meaning and purpose
  • Resolving pain and self destructive behaviors

Watch these FREE videos HERE and visit Jennifer Farmer HERE.

Freebie Fridays bring you free books, videos, audio recordings, gifts, events, classes, webinars and downloads to share and enjoy from NurseHealer and lots more recommended resources.

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~ Aromatherapy ~ Herbal Essential Oil Healing Recipes Herbal Essential Oil Healing Recipes

~ Blessings ~ Blessings of Consecration Ceremonial Blessings to Inspire and Heal

~ Hypnosis ~ Healing Sleep Hypnosis Recording Healing Sleep Hypnosis Recording

~ Classes ~ Spiritual, Healing and Personal Development Classes Online Spiritual, Healing & Personal Development Classes Online

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