Grace and Gratitude Graffiti ~ Keep Your Gratitude Journal Easily!

Grace and Gratitude Graffiti

Grace and Gratitude Graffiti

Grace and Gratitude Graffiti


Why a Gratitude Journal?

Why a gratitude journal?

Writing down the things we are grateful for is a way of sealing our gratitude in a conversation with universe. By writing our gratitude, we offer an invitation for more things to be grateful for. As we write those things for which we are thankful, physiological changes take place within us that foster peace, joy, hopefulness and love.

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What if I can’t think of anything to write today?

What shall I write?

Keep a list of gratitude prompts for when you just aren’t quite ready to journal yet.

Make a wish-granted list. What wishes have come true for you?
Write about an act of kindness you received or witnessed.
What about yourself are you thankful for?
What is a proud moment you enjoy pondering?
What did you learn from a difficult lesson?
What positive impact have you made on someone?
What compliments have you enjoyed?
What small things make you happy?
Who in your life are you thankful for?

Make a list of gratitude starters:
I appreciate…
I’m glad I have…
One thing I’m glad I noticed today was…
I am grateful for the opportunity to…
I am thankful to know…
A thought occurred to me…
I had a dream…
I’m happy to be able to…
An experience I enjoy remembering…
I felt good when…
It was nice to help with…
I am happy to share…

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Make Journaling Easy!


Make your journal uniquely yours. Write your journal in some way that you already use every day. Write it on your calendar. Jot it in a note pad. Keep a small notebook in your desk or purse. Email it to yourself. Blog it or post it to social media. Keep sticky notes in the back of your checkbook, wallet or phone cover. Draw it on the screen of your tablet or mobile phone. Doodle it on scratch paper or index cards. Keep a box of “Thank You” cards just for your journal. Be creative. Use whatever you know you will have access to every day so you have daily reminders to write in your journal, and read it often.

Gratitude Journal

My Gratitude Journal This Week

My choice for a gratitude journal is my FaceBook profile. I know I will read it at least once a day, and that makes a nice reminder to write my journal. So, here is my journal for this past week straight from my wall.

August 27 at 8:34am ·
Gratitude journal for today – I am grateful for acceptance. “Acceptance” sometimes gets a bad rap. It doesn’t mean settling for less than you desire or becoming complacent or giving up. Delete those thoughts. Acceptance is graciously accepting the experiences of life with gratitude. It is recognizing that each experience is what we asked for, even if we didn’t know we asked. It is living in the present moment with our eyes and hearts open, confident that this moment was designed for us, for me. Every moment is a precious gift. We can “play” with our guides to discover the wisdom of this moment. There are no “good” and “bad” experiences. Even unpleasant experiences teach us, in the most personal way, wiser choices, humility, compassion, freedom’s bliss, protection, conviction, depth, and a wealth of wisdom that we might otherwise miss or be delayed in discovering. I am grateful for acceptance.

August 28 at 6:08pm ·
Gratitude journal: I am grateful for inner guidance. I love those little synchronicities that pop up to validate what is written on my heart. When a little deja vu sends my mind racing to search out when that moment played before, or even possibly could, it warms my heart to discover the scene was a precognitive vision, a soul thought showing me what could be. When a second something shows up out of nowhere that reveals more of the picture, it tickles my fancy. As other things just fall into place as if drawn magnetically to the blueprint of the vision, oh, it sends my soul into flight. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the blessing of inner guidance.

August 29 at 10:30am ·
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for well-being. Working on my “Wellbeing” Pinterest Board has shifted my focus, and, in doing so, increased my awareness of well-being. It is regrettably easy to focus on what ails us. All the pains, dysfunctions and physical limitations vie for our attention and draw us away from what we would prefer. If I can tune out a running, screaming, dancing child to concentrate on the work at hand, I can surely change my focus to well-being. And so it is. I didn’t even notice the change until I realized it had taken place. I still have the aches, pains, limitations and irritations, but I can almost dismiss them for a much lengthier time than I ever supposed by giving my attention, thoughts, desires, hopes and plans to well-being. The me that is inside of me is already in a state of well-being. Only the body is afflicted with the ravages of nature. My true self is well and whole, joyful and loving, peaceful and abundant. My true self is part of the Oneness that is all these things. I am grateful for well-being.

August 30 at 9:01pm ·
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for family. What a blessing to our lives are those near to our hearts. Family is composed of those people whose names are written indelibly in our hearts. Whether we are related by our genealogy, warm enduring friendship, or that feeling of “home” transmitted through the windows of the soul, our family are our “forever” friends who love us without reservation, defend us without need for validation, rejoice with us in each success and sustain us through each defeat. Though miles or circumstances may come between us, family is infinitely attainable in the hour of need. Forgiveness is a ceaseless state of being for family. We abide in an energetic sea of unconditional love that satisfies the soul. I am grateful for family.

August 31 at 9:28pm ·
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for creativity. There was a time when I often said, with full conviction, “I’m not very creative”. I thought being creative was having artistic flair and making things of beauty. My art was lacking at best. My things of beauty more closely resembled a preschool child’s handcrafts. Then one day my loved ones pointed out to me the many, many projects I was always busy with, and how well-planned and wonderfully laid out they were. They told me that I could not possibly do those things if I were not a creative person. It was one of those moments of sublime clarity that forever changed, not only how I view myself, but also how I view my work. We each have our creative ways. They may manifest in poetry, song, agility, speech, art, music, writing, planning, organizing, collecting, giving, cooking, sewing, mechanics, digital design, programming, gaming, blogging, photography, and in many, many other ways, including seeing others in the light of love. It is an honor to exercise the creativity of divine spark within us. It makes us feel good to use our talents and abilities creatively. It is healing for us, and for those who share in the rewards of our creative efforts. It draws us to one another as we co-create creatively. I am grateful for creativity.

September 1 at 9:30pm ·
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for quiet stillness. Working from home while almost everyone around has gone out to work has been a blessing on many levels. I really hadn’t given much thought to the ceaseless background noise of footsteps, cars, dogs, landscapers, children, washing machines, etc., until they weren’t there. Now I almost never turn the radio on when I work because it is such a delightful treat to soak up the silence. The mind chatter that we quiet as we meditate is nothing compared to the white noise of city life that we have become so pervasively conditioned to that we don’t even notice it. What a blessing is the quiet stillness! In its solitude we can hear our thoughts more distinctly. We can envision fantastic imagery. We can authentically feel the promptings of Spirit. We can intimately know the sinews of the soul. There is such bliss in quiet stillness! I am grateful.

“The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see.” ~ Robert Holden, Ph.D ~

When you are feeling the expression of gratitude, you experience a shift in consciousness that is the catalyst for a change in, not only your own state of being, but but also a wave of change that permeates all around you. You change the flow of energy, of chi, to align with a higher vibration. Not only do you see the world differently, but it truly is different because you are different in it.

Being in a state of gratitude is a state of grace.

What will you see in gratitude today?

Miracle of Gratitude

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