PsiberDreaming Online Conference from the Int’l Association for the Study of Dreams begins Sunday!

Leaping Into the Mystery ~ The PSI-ence of Dreams
IASD’s 2015 PsiberDreaming Online Conference

IASD Cyberdreaming

The PSI-ence of Dreams

September 27 through October 11, 2015

IASD’s 2015 PsiberDreaming Online Conference begins on Sunday, September 27 and runs through Sunday, October 11, 2015. Leap Into the Psi-ence of Psi!

Twenty-two (22) expert presenters will provide papers and discussion of precognitive, telepathic, group, mutual and lucid dreaming.

Dreams, and psi, and psi dreams, are inherently mysterious: largely unobservable except within the experiencing mind. What can we as individuals learn as we probe the boundaries of our own consciousness? What experiments will you bring aboard your oneironautical spacecraft tonight?

Test your own psi abilities with games and contests.

Dreamers from all over the world will enjoy the PsiberDreaming Gallery and two weeks of what is purported to be the best dream conference anywhere…ever!

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IASD's 2015 PsiberDreaming Online Conference

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