Grace and Gratitude Graffiti ~ Gratitude journal

Grace and Gratitude Graffiti

Grace and Gratitude Graffiti

Grace and Gratitude Graffiti


Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time.

It’s about loving what you have and being grateful for it.



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Gratitude is a practice.

Make it a priority.

Gratitude is a practice.

Gratitude is a practice.

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I will be grateful for this day.

I will be grateful for this day.

I will be grateful for this day.

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Gratitude Journal

My Gratitude Journal This Month

September 25, 2015 at 10:44pm
Gratitude journal: I am grateful for empathic abilities. You know what empathy is. It actually experiencing another’s emotions, pain, sadness, etc. Sympathy is pity. Empathy is feeling what they feel. An empath is someone who is sensitive to the emotions and inner feelings of others. The drama queen is probably not an empath. That person who is all shut down and doesn’t want to be caught up in other’s emotions may, surprisingly, be a very sensitive empath. It is not uncommon for someone who has strong empathic abilities to shut themselves away from the experience because they feel too deeply. It can be too overwhelming. As we become more adept at fine tuning our sensitivities to the frequency of our choosing, empathic abilities settle in to the space in our lives that we provide for them. We can choose not to experience the pain and despair of everyone around us while favoring an acceptable level of empathy when guided to attune to someone in need. When some overpowering emotion or feeling comes upon us, it is a good idea to check in with our inner guidance system to determine where this is coming from, if it needs our attention, and how to proceed. Being empathic is touching souls without having to touch the physical body. We may feel physical pain of another, but we experience it on a deeper level than mere physical. The most important basic lesson is to avoid holding onto it. some things are harder to get over than others. Cleansing, clearing and releasing are requisite tools of the empath. When we use our empathic abilities wisely we are led to some amazing experiences, and we know the deep abiding affection of soul to soul communication. I am grateful for this.

September 24, 2015 at 8:21pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for my daughter. Only a daughter will cook you a meal, challenge your wit with thought-provoking questions, lovingly explain to you that you are wrong (and why, with evidence to prove it), share the last goody on the plate with you, clean up the embarrassing mess you made when you can’t, hand you cash for no reason when no one knew you needed it, take you to the doctor and stay through the whole visit, find your lost glasses (in a minute when you’ve been looking for hours), sweetly nod when you’re telling that story again for the third time today, make you natural healing products and other awesome stuff, and make you stop to get a hug… and that’s just a Tuesday! Hugs!

September 23 at 9:37pm
Gratitude journal: I am grateful for my life. Many times when people ask me what I do, as I am telling them I just burst out with, “I love my life!” It is such a blessing to know what you love in life and have opportunities to do what you love. It seems that each of those opportunities leads you to more, and better, and the added blessing of being around more people who are doing what they love and feel passionate about. In this amazing journey is the story of an emerging butterfly; a bright blessed being in constant transformation. The more we align ourselves with the authenticity of our divinely created souls, the more beautiful we become. We find ourselves attracted to beautiful souls, and the universe conspires to bring us together for the manifestation of the Divine spark in all that is. I love my life!

September 22 at 10:18pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for the stirrings of the soul that we call intuition. That inner knowing can be very powerful. At times we may feel an emotion that is completely out of context with what is going on with us. It can be an overpowering feeling that pervades our very being. when we pause to consider it we may find clear guidance in something that needs to be resolved in our own lives or someone else in need. This is truly empathy when our own soul is guiding us to another’s needs. I am grateful for the stirrings of the soul.

September 20 at 2:36pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for Robert Moss. Hallelujah! His books, CDs, videos and courses have been nothing short of spiritual enlightenment for a lifetime of dreaming I could never explain to folks. When I tried to tell anyone over the years that I “dreamed someone else’s dream”, as I put it, they really, truly thought I had lost my mind. I didn’t mean that I dreamed something someone else had dreamed. I meant that the dream I had was not one I would EVER have dreamed myself. I was literally dreaming someone else’s dream. I tried many times over the years to find out if anyone else ever experienced this; but I didn’t know how to search for that specific of a dream-type experience. Thanks to Robert Moss I now know that this is quite common, and that it is available to all of us. Understanding shamanic dreaming and active/conscious dreaming opens the dream world to limitless possibilities of dreamwork. I am blessed to have guides who kept working with me over the years through dreamwork, even though I didn’t fully understand what dreamwork is. So my dream and vision or meditation experiences from the past are revealed now, and the dreamwork can take us anywhere to experience anything, and not just by ourselves. The shared dream is an amazing experience. I am grateful for, and forever indebted to Robert Moss for gifting this amazing knowledge to the world. Blessings.

September 19 at 1:27am
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful to be a nurse. I admit that I almost never watch the news, and I just got around to seeing what this nurse-bashing thing on The View was. I watched a video of Miss Colorado’s monologue, “Just a Nurse”, about her experience with an Alzheimer’s patient. It was a beautiful genuine moment that, I am sure, touched the heart of many, many nurses and healthcare workers. Then I watched the segment from The View, and they were pretty clueless and insulting. I am grateful that even the misguided comments from an offensive panel of women, as unpleasant as it is, could bring about an awareness and appreciation for nurses and caregivers who dedicate their lives to helping, healing and comforting those that they care for. There is a strengthened solidarity among nurses. There is a deeper appreciation of stethoscope-wielding men and women. There is a kinder compassion for those who are cared for and those providing the care. There is an appreciation for nursing, and for being a nurse. I am grateful to be a nurse. Nursing isn’t just a career choice, and no nurse is “just a nurse”.

September 18 at 6:41pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for happy people. It is such a delight to sit and smile with happy people. Being in the flow of positive energy raises your vibration, and you’re happy, too!

September 16 at 11:15pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for my children. Each of them is an amazing soul with a unique personality. I am blessed to have even had the privilege of knowing them. Hugs.

September 15 at 11:06pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for design. I am in the process of re-creating the original digital artwork I made for a project with better resolution and more flexibility of design implementing multiple transparent layers. Now there’s something I never thought I’d say… or even understand! LOL! This put me in deep appreciation of design. I rely on real artists for the beautiful imagery that has been showing up on my Web site, blog posts and some Facebook posts. I truly admire the beauty and majesty created by artistic design. I have neither the talent nor the patience for such magnificence, which causes me to admire it all the more. I have always had a fondness for the cosmos. I am sure you’ve noticed some of that in my choices in graphics of late. There is such beautiful perfection in the celestial bodies, both in the physical cosmos and the spiritual ether. I am grateful for the grand design of our dispensation. This creation is limitless in is ability to amaze and inspire awe. I am, indeed, grateful for design.

September 14 at 9:09pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for sleep. On those productive, but exhausting nights when I am busy until after sunrise I used to say I couldn’t sleep. I stopped saying that when I became a hypnotist because it was so obviously no longer true. I know from countless times I have demonstrated it that I CAN sleep almost anywhere anytime with a very brief self-hypnosis exercise. So now on those sleepless nights, to be congruent, and truthful with myself, I say that I CHOSE not to sleep. There have been too many of those nights lately because I have so much I want to accomplish. And, so, I am thankful for the blessing of peaceful, restful healing sleep. This is a good night for meditation and a little guided self-hypnosis so the sunrise can be appreciated for its magnificence. G’night. Sweet dreams.

September 13 at 11:56pm
Gratitude Journal. I am grateful for backup systems and organized resources. What a blessing it has been to lose access to ALL MY STORED FILES! It’s been a month or two now. It is interesting to look back at stages I have been through. First there was desperation as I went on a frenzied search for any files that might be stored anywhere else. The blessing was that I discovered many files I was glad to have, long forgotten archives and writings, and better ways to find these things. Next there was anxiety as I endeavored, unsuccessfully to recover the lost data from the hard drive and regain the files that were the most important work of my life. The blessing was that I re-examined the actual importance of many things, one at a time. And finally there was resolve as I embraced acceptance that some of my most sacred work might not be available again. I got past kicking myself for deleting my backups when I became concerned about security. the blessing is that in the quiet stillness of my soul there is peace. The sacred words bestowed by Spirit are indelibly written on my heart, even if they no longer exist in their original format. I trust Spirit. I trust my soul. If I am to begin again, it is as it should be. The lesson is, as always, trust, listen and be open to inner guidance from a wisdom greater than what the mind can construct on its own. I know in the depths of my soul, as I have counseled many clients and friends, that sacred wisdom conferred upon the inhabitants of this Earth in the most auspicious time, is never given to only one person. That which is expedient for the acceleration of consciousness in our world is gifted from Spirit, from Source, to many. Those who hear and heed the call participate in its manifestation through their personal filters using their gifts, talents, knowledge and resources. The world is blessed to receive the keys of light through many diverse methods. And so it is with my inspired work whose time has come. As for my personal contribution to its manifestation, I am able to pull together the most basic wisdom and inspired teachings, and re-create the whole thing from a more enlightened perspective, having worked with it for a few years now, and been blessed to see it from many new perspectives in that time. Everything I have had certain spiritual knowledge of regarding this work holds true, and there is so much more. For me to do it justice as it manifests, the greatest panoramic highest perspective is the only place from which to create. This is the final blessing.

September 11 at 10:39am
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for compassion. It is compassion that connects us at the core of our being. Within the state of being of compassion it is impossible to feel hatred, anger, resentment or spite. To feel those less desirable emotions we have to step outside of compassion. That deep abiding love at the soul level that is compassion simply can not coexist with injustice, cruelty, rage or prejudice. When we feel ourselves moving into hurtful, spiteful, mean, and angry emotion, compassion simply slips away. Compassion leaves us quickly, not because we changed our minds, but because it cannot endure such offenses of the Spirit. We are one Spirit of unconditional love, peace, harmony and compassion in millions of Spirit cells within millions of physical bodies, and in Spirit bodies of those who are not incarnated at this time. We are the Oneness of Soul beings of light. At our core, we are compassion incarnate. When we offend one another we offend who we truly are inside. A piece of us slips away as we give space in our lives for evil, bitter hatred. We are incongruent with our true nature in these moments. It is no wonder that we find ourselves making statements like, “I’m just not myself” or “I haven’t been the same since”…. I am grateful for those soul-stirring moments, even though at times they are such deep emotion that it is almost too much to bear, that bring us back to center, back to the substance, the very foundation of our being, back to the root of the soul in compassion.

September 9 at 9:24pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for music. It is such a delight watching my granddaughter (approaching age 2) dancing and bouncing to the Kidz Bop on YouTube as she burns off some excess energy before “night-night”. I may not be able to hit the dance floor; but I got had to hit a few moves from my chair, too. Music just makes joy bubble up inside us, and it has to go somewhere, so we spread the joy. I am grateful for music.

September 8 at 10:27pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for distraction. Now there’s a thought I never would have expected to express. I am, indeed grateful for distraction. I tend to be very focused on whatever project I am working on. I get so intent on completing the project with excellence that all else gets put “on hold”. Well, that’s great if the project only takes a few hours to complete. I find myself involved in projects that require many multiples of that. And I always have more than one project planned; so I am either working on them concurrently or going between them as each phase is completed of one, and then another. In these days of multitasking, we easily find ourselves over-committed and exhausted. I am grateful that pleasant distractions pull me from my self-inflicted obsessions to provide a much needed respite now and then. Thank you for relaxing, enjoyable moments of distraction.

September 7 at 10:27pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for fond memories. It is pleasing to reminisce about happy, silly, stupid and sometimes downright embarrassing moments with friends and loved ones. It is good for us to remember who we are and where we came from. It is true that everything I am today is the result of everything I have ever been, thought or done. The memories that tug at my heartstrings evoke loving, compassionate feelings that drew me closer to those around me. Those memories that make me cringe taught me some valuable lessons that I truly needed to continue the journey. Those experiences I would rather have avoided pulled much needed wisdom through my soul. happy moments still bring a smile. Goofy moments tickle a giggle out. thank you for fond memories.

September 7 at 2:19am
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for rest when I am weary. At the end of a long full day when my brain is too tired to form complete sentences, what a blessing it is to simply rest and recuperate! thank you for the peaceful bliss of sweet, sweet rest.

September 6 at 1:22am
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for opportunities that knock more than once. I recall an expression from the Millionaire Mind seminar. “The only thing standing in your way is your own better idea.” I have passed up a lot of opportunities over the years because I had a “better idea”. Sometimes I just wasn’t paying attention. Sometimes an opportunity just kind of “hit a nerve”, reminding me rationally or irrationally of something I didn’t want in my life. I must have the most patient guides and angels around. Free choice is the most basic spiritual law, and my guides never stand in the way of my free choice. Unfortunately, my choices are sometimes less than optimal. Sometimes a hasty decision declared without giving due consideration results in a missed opportunity that could have made life a lot easier and more interesting. I am grateful that now and then a missed opportunity is offered again when I am paying attention and a bit more receptive. I am grateful that opportunity sometimes knocks more than once.

September 4 at 10:36pm
Gratitude journal: I am grateful for those unanticipated occurrences that test the boundaries of the comfort zone. Last week I was comfortable being a person who no longer participates in some of the activities I once enjoyed. Setbacks that hindered my abilities increasingly over time left me with an apprehension for stepping outside my comfort zone. In some recent unplanned experiences I found myself compelled to do the very things that gave me great concern. I am all about adapting as needed to creatively meet a challenge. I prefer to focus on ability over disability and build on strengths while finding the positive aspects of quirkiness that might be deemed as drawbacks. Even so, I am a realist. Yes, I believe in miracles, and I also believe in playing the hand you are dealt, to the best of your ability, in your most creative way. I do not always wear the same glasses. At times my perspective through my “rose-colored glasses” is lofty, hopeful, and perhaps a bit unrealistic. At times my perspective through my “shades” is pragmatic, logical, and perhaps a bit too utilitarian. In those times my comfort zone shrinks, and my stubbornness precludes significant progress. I am grateful for those things that nudge me past my comfort zone and remind there is more for me. We all need a little nudge (if not a good brisk shove) from time to time. Thank you, Guides and beloveds, for not giving up on me.

September 3 at 10:29pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for second chances. Just saying that brings to mind the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. The admonishment is to be alert, polite and consciously aware in the current moment. In retrospect, my “good first impressions” over the years were probably far outnumbered by my less-than-desirable first impressions. There have been second chances, even with first impressions though. When first we meet, if I am at work or shopping or performing any of a number of routine tasks that require my full attention, then you have not really met me. When we are in our element, in tune with Spirit, in harmony with nature, open to soul energy, that is when we truly meet. I am grateful for those second chances in meeting someone soul-to-soul. I am grateful that a loving, forgiving Creator blesses us with the unearned reward of “do-overs”.

September 2 at 11:38pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for dreams. The dreamscape is the architecture of the soul. It is a place of any time and of timelessness. It is a place of location and bilocation, a multidimensional macrocosm. In dreams all things are possible. Conscious dreaming is creating a blueprint for life or observing a forecast of what could be on the horizon. In dreams we can solve the unsolvable, resolve the indecipherable. I am grateful for the knowledge that I can affect and be affected by my dreams in a most satisfying manner. I am grateful for dreams.

September 1 at 9:29pm
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for quiet stillness. Working from home while almost everyone around has gone out to work has been a blessing on many levels. I really hadn’t given much thought to the ceaseless background noise of footsteps, cars, dogs, landscapers, children, washing machines, etc., until they weren’t there. Now I almost never turn the radio on when I work because it is such a delightful treat to soak up the silence. The mind chatter that we quiet as we meditate is nothing compared to the white noise of city life that we have become so pervasively conditioned to that we don’t even notice it. What a blessing is the quiet stillness! In its solitude we can hear our thoughts more distinctly. We can envision fantastic imagery. We can authentically feel the promptings of Spirit. We can intimately know the sinews of the soul. There is such bliss in quiet stillness! I am grateful.

“The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see.” ~ Robert Holden, Ph.D ~

When you are feeling the expression of gratitude, you experience a shift in consciousness that is the catalyst for a change in, not only your own state of being, but but also a wave of change that permeates all around you. You change the flow of energy, of chi, to align with a higher vibration. Not only do you see the world differently, but it truly is different because you are different in it.

Being in a state of gratitude is a state of grace.

What will you see in gratitude today?

Miracle of Gratitude

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