Freebie Friday – Free Videos with Dr. Brian Weiss

Freebie Friday

It’s Freebie Friday!

Freebie Friday is a chance to get something nice absolutely FREE!

Here are some great gifts I would like to share with you from some nice folks.

365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

The soul’s vibrational rate, our spiritual frequency, has a huge impact on our lives. As it increases, so does our capacity to calm the mind, connect with angels and spirit guides, find joy and enlightenment, and achieve what we want in life. This simple and inspiring guide makes it easy to elevate your spiritual frequency every day. Choose from a variety of ordinary activities, such as singing and cooking. Practice visualization exercises and techniques for reducing negativity, manifesting abundance, tapping into Universal Energy, and connecting with your higher self. Discover how generous actions and a positive attitude can make a difference. You’ll also find long-term projects and guidance for boosting your spiritual energy to new heights over a lifetime.

Read “365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency” FREE online!

Cleanse & and Bless Your Home with White Sage

Cleanse & and Bless Your Home with White Sage

Cleanse and bless your home the Native American way

Cleanse and bless your home using the Native American ceremony of smudging with white sage. It removes negative energy and odors immediately!

FREE Downloadable Printable Smudging Instructions

Free Video Series with Dr. Brian Weiss,

Past-Life Regression Expert

Free Videos Series with Dr. Brian Weiss

Free Videos Series with Dr. Brian Weiss

Watch for FREE Today!

During this free video series, you’ll:

  • Understand how regressions and visualizations work
  • Learn how to use Past-Life Therapy techniques to heal fears, phobias and anxieties
  • Practice healing visualizations and guided meditations for both physical and emotional wellness
  • Retrieve information from your childhood for more joy and peace today
  • Discover new levels of healing from the spiritual realm
  • Access your spiritual committee for guidance and support

Watch for FREE Today

Freebie Fridays bring you free books, videos, audio recordings, gifts, events, classes, webinars and downloads to share and enjoy from NurseHealer and lots more recommended resources.

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~ Meditation ~ 5 Minute Meditation for Peace 5 Minute Meditation for Peace

~ Aromatherapy ~ Herbal Essential Oil Healing Recipes Herbal Essential Oil Healing Recipes

~ Blessings ~ Blessings of Consecration Ceremonial Blessings to Inspire and Heal

~ Hypnosis ~ Healing Sleep Hypnosis Recording Healing Sleep Hypnosis Recording

~ Classes ~ Spiritual, Healing and Personal Development Classes Online Spiritual, Healing & Personal Development Classes Online

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