Freebie Friday – Making the Shift to Purposeful Marketing

Freebie Friday

It’s Freebie Friday!

Freebie Friday is a chance to get something nice absolutely FREE!

Here are some great gifts I would like to share with you from some nice folks.

5 Must-Have FREE APPS for Creative Businesses and Bloggers

5 Must-Have FREE APPS for Creative Businesses and Bloggers

More info HERE.

FREE Monthly and Yearly Social Media Tracking Printables

FREE Monthly and Yearly Social Media Tracking Printables

More info HERE.

Shift Network Event

A Free Virtual Event
With Pioneering Teacher, Author &
Internationally-Renowned Change Agent Tim Kelley
Wednesday, October 21, 2015
7:30 PM Central / 5:30 PM Pacific / 8:30 PM Eastern
Register HERE to tune in or receive the recording

  • Making the Shift to Purposeful Marketing: 
  • How You Can Increase Your Revenue AND Impact with the Right Messaging to the Right Audience
  • with Tim Kelley

Learn how to make your marketing magnetic, respectful and effective, because it expresses exactly who you are and how you can serve
your ideal audience.

Making the Shift to Purposeful Marketing with Tim Kelley

Globally respected change agent Tim Kelley calls this “purposeful marketing” because it is sourced from your highest purpose. It’s about tuning into the clearest, most precise way to describe what you offer, so that it resonates powerfully with exactly the people you are meant to serve.

When you learn how to apply purposeful marketing effectively, it’s like blowing a dog whistle that your ideal customers (what Tim calls your “divine audience”) can hear, even if no one else can. Imagine knowing instantly that a person is meant to work with you, and knowing exactly what to say so that they know it, too! Because this form of marketing is rooted in who you are and why you’re here, you don’t even need to create it — you receive it! The map to your ideal clients and serving their highest good, AND earning good money at it, is all contained within you. From this core place of truth, you are aligning yourself with the Universe, expanding your impact on global transformation and increasing your income, all at the same time. By revealing the deeper truth of the transformational value that you provide — especially with precise, purposeful words — you can stand powerfully in your marketing, because you know that you are speaking the whole truth.

In order to do purposeful marketing in a way that actually gets BETTER results than old-school marketing, though, you’ll need to learn some of the specific practices for doing it well (and what NOT to do). In this illuminating, free virtual seminar, Tim will share key insights from his Purposeful Marketing system.

He has taught these techniques to thousands of people — from CEOs to top coaches. Tim’s education in mathematics at MIT, distinguished career in Silicon Valley high-tech and experience as a Commanding Officer in the U.S. Navy, has led to insights that are practical, replicable and reliable, and appeal to the heart and soul.

Making the Shift to Purposeful Marketing with Tim Kelley

Register HERE FREE

In this free event, Tim will open the door into a new way of marketing that is fulfilling, meaningful and inspiring.

You will:

  • Discover which aspect of your purpose carries the most impact and attraction for prospective clients.
  • Understand why traditional “niching” won’t necessarily help you find the precise “divine audience” that is meant to receive
    your services.
  • Learn how you can position yourself in such a specific way that you have no competition at all.
  • Discover two sources of information that can make writing your marketing copy a breeze.
  • Identify 3 issues that make pricing your services, and pricing conversations with your clients, much more more difficult than they need to be.
  • Uncover the key issue that prevents people from being clear in their marketing, attracting their ideal clients, and making money from their higher purpose.
  • Tim will also share about an exciting new training for conscious entrepreneurs, messengers and change agents called Purposeful Marketing — a powerful way for you to create and grow your livelihood in alignment with your soul.

Making the Shift to Purposeful Marketing with Tim Kelley

Register HERE FREE

More from The Shift Network

The Shift Network

Freebie Fridays bring you free books, videos, audio recordings, gifts, events, classes, webinars and downloads to share and enjoy from NurseHealer and lots more recommended resources.

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