Freebie Friday – 3 Essentials of Authentic Marketing

Freebie Friday

It’s Freebie Friday!

Freebie Friday is a chance to get something nice absolutely FREE!

Here are some great gifts I would like to share with you from some nice folks.

The Organized Dream:


FREE 2016 Calendar, Planner & Organizer (35+ Pages!)

Shift Network Event

Saturday, November 7th, George Kao presents the FREE Web Virtual Event:
The 3 Essentials of Authentic Marketing:
Joyfully Building Your Visibility By Serving Your Audience With Love

George is on a mission to bring more authenticity to marketing by helping people find alignment between their business and their higher values. He is a master at helping people grow their ideal audience through online channels with integrity and heart!

3 Essentials of Authentic Marketing

A Free Virtual Event
With Coach, Consultant & Online Marketing Advisor George Kao
Saturday, November 7, 2015
12 Noon Central / 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern
Click HERE to register FREE!

Do you want to build a thriving business by authentically sharing your truest gifts? If you answered “Yes,” you are a “conscious entrepreneur,” even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a business person. That means you aim to grow your business in a new way — one that is generous, high integrity and expresses your authentic self.

You want to be sincere in what you offer and let people know they can trust you. But how can you do that in a way that actually works and gets results? Online marketing expert George Kao has powerful answers for you and they take the form of authentic marketing. Instead of the slick, manipulative and even deceptive practices that we often associate with traditional marketing, authentic marketing is all about allowing your highest, truest self to serve your ideal audience honestly and generously, and in turn receive their love and support for your business.

It’s about giving first and having people feel truly blessed by what you have to offer. And then it’s about enrolling them in your in-depth services in a way they (and you) feel great about. The great news is that when you do this — in a wise and organized way — you build a great reputation and relationships of real trust. You build respect, connection and love, which transforms your whole relationship with marketing.

Instead of marketing being a “chore” to do, it becomes a joy-filled form of self-expression. It feels generous rather than greedy, informative rather than manipulative, and high-integrity rather than sleezy. And when done right, this approach works beautifully! But you have to do it skillfully. It’s not about using gimmicks. It’s about showing up, consistently, with your wisdom and heart of service, in a way that really touches people. It’s about leveraging your time and your marketing platforms so you can expand your reach and serve your ideal audience in a way that generates more referrals and awareness of what you do.

Authentic marketing is all about being true to your calling in your business. When you know how to effectively show up as your real and empowered self in the marketplace, the ideal clients and audience that you’re meant to serve is magnetically drawn to you.

During The 3 Essentials of Authentic Marketing, you’ll get a powerful distillation of insights that allow you to generate more business by serving your audience with love.

You’ll learn key steps to:

  • Identify your ideal strategies to create and distribute your message through online channels such as social media, video, podcasting, and blogging.
  • Learn the essential ingredients to attract and enroll your ideal clients in a clean, authentic way.
  • Apply your heart of service to create “client delight,” which is the most powerful and authentic way to bring you more business.
  • Join us for a fun, wisdom-packed and highly-practical session, all for free.

You’ll also hear about the exciting launch of a new authentic marketing program and community that helps you develop your authentic presence and attract your ideal audience with more wisdom and impact.

George Kao has been a trusted conscious marketing advisor for seven years to thousands of coaches, counselors, consultants and those who are creating what George calls “wisdom businesses.” His mission is to dramatically raise the marketing effectiveness of people who deeply value integrity, service and sustainability. He has created more than 150 videos where he generously shares authentic business knowledge, and has conducted over 1,000 client sessions in the past two years alone. For many wisdom-based solopreneurs, George Kao is the go-to expert for heart-based marketing and joyful productivity.

The 3 Essentials of Authentic Marketing

Saturday, November 7, 2015
12 Noon Central / 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern
Click HERE to register FREE!

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