The Gift of Laughter Medicine – Free Virtual Event

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The Gift of Laughter Medicine
Accessing the Power of Humor to Liberate Your Soul

A Virtual Event with Steve Bhaerman
Thursday, April 7, 2016
7:30pm Central / 5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern

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Gift of Laughter Medicine

Experience greater health, wellbeing and freedom by bringing more joy and laughter into your life. To become enlightened, we’ve clearly got to enlighten up … and not just us, but our whole world. The more mirth on earth the better! That’s why Steve Bhaerman a.k.a. the Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda, has descended from his metaphysical mountaintop with the equivalent of Moses’ Ten Commandments to help us all get back on the right track … hmm, better make that the laugh track! Then again, Steve doesn’t believe in commandments. He’s more into levity … or is that levitation? … which requires more laughter. So instead of Ten Commandments he’s got One Suggestion: Lighten up.

And on the physical and emotional level, laughter instantly releases and vaporizes stress. Mentally, laughter cultivates flexibility and creativity. When we use laughter to take ourselves less seriously, we instantly gain more spiritual and emotional freedom. Scientific studies have shown that laughter has tangible health benefits — a belly laugh a day keeps the doctor away!

Make laughter a priority and you can:

  • Practice the art of joke-jitsu to turn the tables on your own ego.
  • Use the magic of heart-opening humor to blow past rigid thinking.
  • Commit random acts of comedy that enlighten up everyone around you.
  • Boost your immunity and lower stress hormones, which slows the aging process.
  • Improve your health, speed recovery from disease and increase rates of feel-good hormones.
  • Release endorphins, which helps to decrease pain in your body as well as reduce cravings associated with addiction.

In this special online event with Steve Bhaerman, the alter ego of Swami Beyondananda, you’ll get helpful (and often hilarious) guidance on how to bring more of the healing magic of laughter into your life. So grab your friends and join in — at no charge — for this heart-filled, laughter-filled evening! More than anything, you’ll discover that the path to illumination and whole-body liberation can be a lot more fun than you ever imagined!

Register HERE — at no charge! And don’t forget to invite your friends!

Gift of Laughter Medicine

In this virtual event, you will learn to:

  • Bring ease to stressful situations by “finding the joke hidden in this picture”.
  • Circulate the healing energy of laughter (your “Laugh Force”) to specific parts of your body that need healing.
  • Find and use the natural humor in your life story to transform it into a healing story.
  • Use jokes to build bridges — instead of blowing them up with less-than-positive responses.
  • Easily cultivate your own “natural” sense of humor.

Gift of Laughter Medicine

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