Liberate Your Spirit and Incarnate Your Soul in Waking Up & Dropping Down, a FREE Virtual Event

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Waking Up & Dropping Down
How to Liberate Your Spirit and Incarnate Your Soul
with Terry Patten

Saturday, April 16, 2016
12pm Central / 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

During this thought-provoking and heart-opening virtual event, Terry will share the fruits of his four decades of advanced mystical, intellectual and embodied investigation into the higher reaches of the spiritual path, integral theory, and the deepest truths of what it means to be a true evolutionary. Listeners will walk away with a practical understanding of living a truly evolutionary life — every day.

In this virtual event, you will learn:

  • How your soul’s daemon is the archetypal “strange attractor” of your deeper character.
  • Terry will lead you toward whole-being integrity. He has a way of providing sustenance for your rational mind, your feeling heart and your ecstatic soul, all at the same time.
  • The emerging shape of the integrated soul-and-spirit practice journey.
  • The “siddhis” that can emerge from profound sustained integral practice.
  • A vision for understanding the holographic nature of conscious participation in our full-spectrum psychophysical reality.

Waking Up and Dropping Down

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Are you called to live on the leading edge of evolution, awakening new potentials in yourself and incarnating more and more divinity
in the world? Are you wanting to “wake up” spiritually AND manifest a truly beautiful, connected and impactful daily life? If so, you need to understand how to integrate two very different streams of spiritual practice — the transcendent, opening you to higher truth, and the embodied, opening you to the full incarnation of your soul. One gives you a higher vantage and the other gives you deeper roots. Together, they are at the heart of becoming a modern evolutionary — someone who is ever-evolving, always-learning and constantly expanding spiritually and personally.

As we learn to commune with our divine nature and surrender to the invisible currents of our soul, we are better able to conduct our full energy into life. We literally become the embodiment of evolution itself, always intending to joyfully find new possibilities for the creative expression of eros, love, the impulse of evolution. To enter this state of evolutionary flow requires opening to your highest Self — as Spirit — AND becoming more consistently open to the deep, silent presence of your soul. As you do, you can learn to awaken to your soul’s purpose so it can begin to flow tangibly through you into reality. The universe then begins to conspire to support you. You radiate more grace. You are blessed with more intuitive clarity. You incarnate more love. You embody more transcendent wisdom. You become the head, heart and hands of Spirit — serving as a conduit for Divine energy to work through you to serve the great challenges of our time. You surrender, not in the sense of giving up, but of humbly opening in the most naked, transparent way you can imagine to the utter magnificence of your soul nature. That’s because you literally are a reflection of God, a unique embodiment of divinity and an essential expression of life’s higher intelligence.

And as you open to a relationship with your own transcendent AND embodied nature, you begin to see the full potentials of others. This allows you to behold their beauty, mirror their brilliance and partner with their unique embodiment of divinity. And you begin to naturally respond to their humanity with compassion — creating a whole new level of relational potential. To walk this sacred path requires authentic humility, patience, wisdom and skill. And an integral consciousness is indispensable.

Integral theory is profoundly transformative when applied in individual and relational practice. It enables you to see the greater picture of the outer and inner cosmos, to inhabit all the dimensions of your own being, and to clearly understand how you are related to others and the world — culture and systems, shadow and light, heart and soul, interior and exterior, masculine and feminine. You can come to stand at the heart, where all the polarities intersect, as the dazzling fabric of conscious awareness. This is where all within you is synchronized so that you can continually become a channel through which grace can pour into this world.

In this free virtual event, one of the foremost teachers in the Integral Movement — Terry Patten — will share the fruits of four decades of advanced mystical, intellectual and embodied investigation into the higher reaches of the spiritual path and the deepest truths of what it means to be a true evolutionary. Terry embodies 40 years of wisdom as a serious student and teacher of authentic spirituality. His synthesis is unique and transcends the usual head versus heart polarization, to find an integrated, holistic path of synergy.

Waking Up and Dropping Down


About the presenter:

Terry Patten is a dynamic leader in evolutionary spirituality, leadership, activism and awakened mutuality. He is co-author, with Ken Wilber, of Integral Life Practice. He is the founder of Bay Area Integral. He hosts the influential teleseminar series Beyond Awakening, conducting leading-edge conversations with many of the world’s renowned thinkers and teachers. Terry created the acclaimed online courses Integral Spiritual Practice and Living the Integral Heart and developed Integral Soul Work. He speaks, consults and coaches on four continents, integrating the inner work with the outer work and touching the heart and awakening the spirit of thousands of people all over the world.

Waking Up and Dropping Down with Terry Patten

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