Global Day Out of Time and Water Blessing Meditation July 25

NurseHealer Soulistic Resource Network is honored to offer this special meditation.

Global Day Out of Time and Water Blessing Meditation hosted by NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller

July 25, 2016, at 7 PM Central Time.

Check your local time.



Participate wherever you are. If you are unable to participate at the appointed time, set your intention for your meditation frequency to connect with the energy of the Global Father’s Day Meditation across time and space.

The Day Out of Time, July 25th, marks the completion of a year in the Mayan 13 Moon Calendar, re-aligning time to the solar year. It is observed with reverence as a day free of time devoted to celebration of life and appreciation of the science of time and time as art. It is a sacred day to be in harmony with nature and divine being. Contemplation on timelessness, peace, atonement, forgiveness and global community shifts our vibrational frequency in harmony with the planet, uniting all mankind in a transcendent attunement to the oneness of divine nature.

The Global Water Appreciation Day, celebrated on July 25, was created by Dr. Masaru Emoto, world renown water researcher known as the Water Messenger and the inspiration for the Emoto Peace project. Dr. Emoto brought a consciousness to humankind that water is a living intelligence responding to the vibrational frequency of its environment. He demonstrated water’s responses to the frequency carried by words, written and spoken in any language, as well as sounds of music and prayer, and images of photographs and picture representations. Dr. Emoto said, “By holding the intention of peace towards water — by thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace toward water — water can and will bring peace to our bodies and to the world”. Since Global Water Appreciation Day coincides with the Day out of Time, reflection on world peace and the fluidity of the emotion of peace is the focus of meditation all around the planet on this day. Water Blessing for the sacred element of water is at the center of celebration and meditation.

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