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Apport: The term, “apport” comes from the French “apporter” and from the Latin, “apportare”, carrying the meaning to “bring”. Some practitioners of ancient religions delivered small objects from apparent “thin air” as part of their spiritual practice. The term, “apport” became popular during the Spiritualist movement, referring to the act of the medium producing or having the spirits produce solid tangible objects from the unknown, or to the object itself that materialized. In more recent years, the term “apport” has attained a broader use, referring to objects manifested through telekinesis, teleportation or manifestation related to poltergeist activity or living people. It may refer to objects brought in by loved ones from the other side, in which case there may be a direct or symbolic significance for the receiving person. The term “apport” also applies to those objects that disappear from a specific location, and are later witnessed to appear again in the same or another location, generally one which had already been thoroughly searched, or in which there is no known explanation for their appearance, such as a locked cabinet.

Asport: The term, “asport” comes from the Latin, “asportare”, meaning to carry away. In legal terms, “asportation” is the carrying away or movement of property belonging to another, as in larceny. In paranormal terminology, “asport” refers to objects that disappear, or are transported unknown locations by unknown means. These objects are thought to be carried away by the act of the medium or that of spirits through teleportation. These objects may later reappear as apports, or may never be seen again.

ParaPSI Dictionary: Apport / Asport

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