Gratitude Minute: Individuality

The Gratitude Minute is a moment to align yourself with your highest intention for a day at your best. It only takes a minute.


I‘m grateful for Individuality. I can’t imagine the number of times I’ve said, “I know I’m not like most people”. I believe that we come into this world with the peculiar package of qwerks best suited to the life that lays before us. The qwerkiness in our lives is what’s needed to make it through and achieve our life purpose. It is our weirdness that sets us apart and guides us through life. So, yeah, I’m a weirdo. And, I’m grateful for my weirdness that nudges me in directions in my best interest.

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Eckhart Tolle says that one breath, fully conscious, is a meditation. Take a moment to relax and align your energy with your higher self with a one breath meditation, and feel your energy shift.

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