Gratitude Minute: Tenderness


Gratitude Minute: Tenderness

The Gratitude Minute is a moment to align yourself with your highest intention for a day at your best. It only takes a minute. I‘m grateful for Tenderness.

At a time when days are hectic, stressful and chaotic it is all too easy to get annoyed, grumpy, irritable, short-tempered and just down-right hateful. All those things, though, make us more miserable. I’m grateful for those moments of tenderness that bring an oasis of calm repose. A tender thought, expression or touch is all it takes to remind of who we really are, that we are all one humanity, one world, and that what we do and how we treat one another is important. Respect and adoration connect us with one another; with all living things. Humility and appreciation put us in touch with the vibration of peace and love that bring us in alignment with the all-life. Be the tenderness needed in the world.

One Breath Meditation:

Eckhart Tolle tells us that one breath, fully conscious, is a meditation. Join me in a one breath meditation and feel your energy shift, as the energy surrounding you shifts as well. Take a long, slow, deep breath in and hold it while you give your awareness to the sensation of the essential breath of life within your lungs and the physical, mental and emotional benefits of deep inspiration. When you are ready, release your breath out your mouth, and feel the tenseness in your shoulders slip away as you relax, center and align your energy with your higher self. As you do this, you are aligned with the frequency of spiritual light wherein all is for highest good. Allow your energy to shift into this comfortable state of clarity and composure. From this state all is possible, and all is as it should be. Enter this state with a one breath meditation whenever you feel impressed to shift your energy to a higher frequency.

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Thank you, and many blessings.