Gratitude Minute: Freedom

Gratitude Minute: 

The Gratitude Minute is a personal gratitude video journal, and a moment to align yourself with your highest intention for a day at your best. It only takes a minute. I‘m grateful for freedom. Free will is the primary elemental law of this terrene. There are many more ways to lose your liberty than to be incarcerated or controlled by government rule. We rejoice when released from the bondage of unequal partnerships, unpleasant living or working conditions, or the control that anyone imposes upon us against our will. Freedom is deliverance, unrestraint and enlightenment. Freedom is accepting the knowledge and accountability that you are the final authority over you. Freedom is power. It is the power of prerogative and discretion; the power of flexibility and prudence. We hold our freedom dear with foresight, vigilance and wisdom. As we hold our freedom in high regard, we must also respect and defend the freedom of others. Every living thing deserves the freedom to live within their community in safety, solidarity and integrity. Regardless of what bonds hold you from your freedom, trust that it is your birthright in the family of man and living beings to have free will, and it can be yours, even if there is a season of bondage from which you will find emancipation. Relish your freedom and respect the freedom of others. We are meant to be free.

One Breath Meditation:

Eckhart Tolle tells us that one breath, fully conscious, is a meditation. Join me in a one breath meditation and feel your energy shift, as the energy surrounding you shifts as well. Take a long, slow, deep breath in and hold it while you give your awareness to the sensation of the essential breath of life within your lungs and the physical, mental and emotional benefits of deep inspiration. When you are ready, release your breath out your mouth, and feel the tenseness in your shoulders slip away as you relax, center and align your energy with your higher self. As you do this, you are aligned with the frequency of spiritual light wherein all is for highest good. Allow your energy to shift into this comfortable state of clarity and composure. From this state all is possible, and all is as it should be. Enter this state with a one breath meditation whenever you feel impressed to shift your energy to a higher frequency.

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Thank you, and many blessings.

Gratitude Minute

Gratitude Minute