Gratitude Minute: Souls

Gratitude Minute:  Souls

The Gratitude Minute is a personal gratitude video journal, and a moment to align yourself with your highest intention for a day at your best. It only takes a minute. I‘m grateful for souls. When we see one another through the eyes of the soul, there is only love. The pure heart of the soul cannot hold onto fear, pain, anger, hatred, bitterness, disrespect, envy, or spite. All of that falls away at the soul level. The denser physical form and mind easily soak up these unpleasant thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It’s like we have static cling for such negativities toward one another. We just have to walk through an environment thick with impurities, and we magnetically draw them to us. Our protection against this static build-up is our higher consciousness. We can rise above the cloud of chaos as we connect with a higher, lighter realm and surround ourselves with those who glow most brightly. How wonderful it is that, at our innermost core of being, we are pure souls! I am grateful for souls. We are united in our spiritual sense of the home of the soul. We are one kind, one mind, as the light of a universal soul. Within each of us is pure light. I am so grateful to see the light within. Blessings.

One Breath Meditation:

Eckhart Tolle tells us that one breath, fully conscious, is a meditation. Join me in a one breath meditation and feel your energy shift, as the energy surrounding you shifts as well. Take a long, slow, deep breath in and hold it while you give your awareness to the sensation of the essential breath of life within your lungs and the physical, mental and emotional benefits of deep inspiration. When you are ready, release your breath out your mouth, and feel the tenseness in your shoulders slip away as you relax, center and align your energy with your higher self. As you do this, you are aligned with the frequency of spiritual light wherein all is for highest good. Allow your energy to shift into this comfortable state of clarity and composure. From this state all is possible, and all is as it should be. Enter this state with a one breath meditation whenever you feel impressed to shift your energy to a higher frequency.

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Thank you, and many blessings.

Gratitude Minute

Gratitude Minute