Coping and Thriving: Paced Walking and Sunlight

Coping and Thriving

We all can benefit from simple, basic coping tips from someone who has been through troublesome times and has a few tips from that experience. The focus is on coping and thriving.

One matter of concern is the effect of prolonged stress and anxiety. A positive attitude may get us through the early troubles. As time rolls on, and circumstances don’t improve or may worsen, a more concerted, deliberate plan must unfold. Here are two things that can help, and why:

(1) Walk

It isn’t just the exercise of walking that is beneficial. It is the pacing. Here’s why. Keeping a basic rhythm (pace) signals your mind and body that this is a conditioning experience to strengthen and tone, not only your muscles; but also your organs, vessels, and, yes, your brain. Keeping a steady rhythm rather than an accelerated pace allows your mind and body to sync up and promote a balanced, unfettered flow of life-force energy, spiritual strength and well-being. The focus, in contrast to exercise designed to build muscles, is rhythmic pacing that brings together in harmony all the aspects of you into balance and a united perspective. When everything about you paces in harmony, congruently, collectively, for a common goal, you are your own well-being team. Bring your unseen spiritual team (angels, guides, divinity) with you for support and an enhanced experience. Paced walking can bless you in ways you will not fully understand until you have put forth the effort for a time.

(2) Sunlight

Whether you get sunlight on a walking trail, patio or porch, or through a window, natural sunlight is healing to mind, body and soul. Artificial light does not offer the same benefit, and may actually be detrimental. Even filtered sunlight peaking through the trees or curtains can provide this healing energy, and it does so in ways that might surprise you. Sunlight touching the skin, even through the UV protection of lotions and creams, is well-known for its beneficial effects. Often overlooked or unappreciated is the filtered sunlight entering the body through the eyes. Think of your eyes as housing the cabling system for your brain. If your brain is on “overload” from dealing with stress, anxiety and even panic, it isn’t working at optimum efficiency. For your brain to give your mind and body the highest benefit, give it a cable to our natural source of light and energy. Never look directly into the sun; but allow filtered, indirect (shaded) sunlight to “speak” to your mind and soul for deep healing, soothing strengthening.


* If you walk outdoors, check the weather for pollutants and allergens as well as other weather conditions that could adversely affect your health. Wear protective gear as needed.

* If you walk indoors, walk barefoot if possible, or use a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bicycle near a window. If you are unable to walk; but can move your legs, make the walking motion. If you cannot make leg motion; but can move your arms, use arm motions (your body has already adjusted to your arms serving as your legs once did). If you cannot move, make the movements in your mind like a “daydream”. The important thing is to keep a steady pace.

More thoughts on Coping and Thriving will be shared through the blog.

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