Intuition is Trust

Intuition, as most spiritual gifts, is essentially trust. Trust grows with practice. That’s why exercising our energy work is essential. We may sometimes think of using our intuition as something serious and difficult. We serve ourselves and others better when we accept it as a natural talent that we all possess. It is ingrained in our very soul and enhanced in our physical bodies with practice. In those moments when self-doubt creeps in or apprehension becomes a barrier to clarity and self-assurance, take a self-check in trust. Ask yourself a series of questions related to your personal spiritual practice. Listen to your inner voice answering each question. Your questions will reflect your personal practices. A conversation with myself might go something like this.

Do I trust God? I trust God as creator, father and omnipotence. Do I trust the angels? I trust angels as compassionate beings with a divine plan, wise guidance and a desire to be of service. Do I trust my guides? I trust my guides implicitly as they have never, ever led me astray. I trust that they love me as I love them. I trust that they will allow me to find my way with gentle nudges. I trust that they will give me clues when I’m perplexed. I trust that they will teach in many ways that range from subtle impressions to stark directives and even urgent warnings. I trust that they will never, ever lead me wrong, though they will allow me to make my own learning mistakes from my stubbornness, and I acknowledge that, sadly, this is how I learn hard lessons. Do I trust myself? How could I not? I have a lifetime of experience in my personal spiritual practice. It is a lifetime of learning, searching, discovering, remembering and trusting. I absolutely trust my personal spiritual practice above all other teachings. This is my experience. I know without doubt that guidance is available to me. I know that patience, practice and trust are the stepping stones to success in my practice. I know that a non-answer IS an answer. I know that silence means to pause and allow a new perspective to appear. I know that “a-hah” moments appear in the quiet solitude and stillness of mind and soul. Releasing preconceptions and expectations tears down barriers to intuition, clarity and guidance. In the emptiness, spiritual guidance appears as clearly as a familiar form emerging through a fog, and is just as welcome.

Intuition is trust. It is trust of spirit; inner spirit and the spirituality of our practice.